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  1. I would sure like my save file from legacy! Server has been purchased, I want to play! I want my files and my dinos, where are they? @CedricThanks for all you are doing to make this game great!
  2. Thanks for all that you guys do to make this game great. I have a question. I play on a legacy server, which is getting ready to be shut down, no problem, I want to move my animals to a server that my friends and I are currently renting. When will we get more info on this? Click is ticking and still no news on how to transfer my stuff to my new home. Thanks in advance! Growler legacy cluster 10
  3. Did the update, got the new shoulder pet, got kicked out of the server while flying on my event wyvern! And, I can not get back in. Great start, oh and there is also that 8 hour roll back that I waisted all that time on. Thank you for that Wild Card
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