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  1. This is really become a huge problem now on the server I am on now. I don't know who else is dealing with this too but something needs to be done. I can't wait for someone from Wildcard to do something. I put a compliment about several players purposely parking dinos over and on top of the terminalls trying to block access. Something needs to be done of players can remove them. There is absolutely no good reason for anyone to leave dinos on the terminal. Please share your stories and suggestions that allow players to deal with these people.
  2. I tried to play the new 2020 Fear event but spent the next thirty minutes being kicked and logging back in. Tried restarting the game and even my xbox, nothing. The game lagged worse than before and my game completely crashed ten times. Each time it exited the game. In that time I died three times, one of those, I was trying to get back to my based so I can log out safely. I also noticed when I logged on that all my feeding troughs visibility were turned on. I know two of them could not been turned on by anyone because they are in my base.
  3. Crashed 5 times, so far, and died twice. Not only do I get less time to play and no competition for the extra delay but instead I get more lag and disconnect. So this entire holiday event is wasted because I can't play the game. THANKS WILDCARD!
  4. Controller not responding So far this has been a rare encounter but has happened regularly during the Valentine event. For some reason my controller stops responding. At first I thought it was my controller until I hit the Xbox menu button and the controller responds normally. Tried to resume the game and no response from the controller. Tried to restart the game, still no response. I had logout and restart the game for tI was able to regain control.
  5. Does anyone else get the server is full when it's not and the join fail? I'm so tired of this crap! The Company does not care that we just lost, not hours or days, but weeks and months of game play! Wild dinos take several hours to tame and raising babies take days, freaken DAYS, to complete. Only to be undone by stupid bugs and glitches that the company should have addressed and fixed already! The more I lose what I gathered the more Conan is looking better!
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