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  1. 39 minutes ago, Prat said:
    • As of patch 231.4, turrets do 2.2x damage vs. all dinos.

    There is no longer any separate multiplier for flying dinos.

    Then why did they change manas to take "flyer damage" a few patches ago?


    • Now take damage equivalent to flyers
    • Fixed Managarmr’s forward dashing when walking off edges

  2. 3 minutes ago, d1nk said:

    Use a scout to video them opening a gate or somehow spyglass & video. Upload and include in all reports (NOT ON OFFICIAL FORUMS - name and shame rule) 

    You can post it on reddit though! Video evidence is allowed there. Devs look more at that anyway.

  3. 8 minutes ago, Aylana314159 said:

    Are shadow tribes actually against the rules?



    Report these people with video evidence. They get banned FAST. The trouble is getting video evidence that actually shows the cheating happening. If you get something that just shows an ORP gate, the GMs still may investigate the situation - they can pass right through that gate and check it to see if there is an offending tribe behind.

    Wildcard is aware of this stuff and has been working on solutions for ORP servers. They just added some new features to ORP servers last patch!

  4. 13 minutes ago, arkark said:

    This is pretty dangerous. If you leave a dino grabbed by karkinos and you leave the area in stasis, by logging off or leaving the area, you risk to lose the grabbed dino falling it under the world map. It happened to me with an anky and with a roll rat. 

    This also happened to me with a baby anky in another map after leaving it inside the pouch of a procoptodon.

    I've had baby reapers vanish into the mesh more often when NOT holding them with a crab. I find that even if they are overweighted, it is still much safer to keep them in a crab. They will often disappear or bug out during their transition to juvenile if they are not rendered at that time.

  5. 39 minutes ago, JulienTitanium said:

    Hi, everyone.

    I come to lower the temperature (if possible, if it is not too late for some). I received an answer from a GM last night, who came quickly on the server for save my base and dinos. So yes, GMs take less time than expected (which is normally 2 weeks). I hope you will have the same chance as me (i.e. your ticket will be processed quickly after 6 days). 

    I managed to piggyback on someone's appointment today. I got some of my imprints back and all of my giga adolescents, which is what I was most annoyed with losing. Now I can continue raising those until my full appointment on the 17th to get my levels and the rest of the imprints back :D

    Thanks GM Argos if you're reading :)

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  6. 20 hours ago, Udju said:

    dont do that until confirmed by a GM caus they write that one should not create a new char caus then the old one will be gone forever:


    we are supposed to write a ticket and wait.... until we have lost everything... my dinos will go in 4 hours



    I have been through this 3 times before - yes, create a new character. Your old one is gone already. They will give you levels and transfer your imprints when your appointment comes around.

  7. 3 hours ago, Soldier905 said:


    No it isnt , gigas can turn on your own base due to enrage which helps the raiders , ive seen this alot of times .

    Not true , Have you ever encountered a several generation rex or theri that has been breed tons of times ? they can beat even wild gigas if you got a good saddle on them . I once seen a 400+ rex that killed gigas with ease and had well over 150k hp which i dont see often on bred gigas.


    So with that said gigas are not worth it since they nerfed them awhile back.

    Your average new player will have better results from a giga than a rex or theri. Sure after 3 years of mutation the rex might be stronger.

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  8. 39 minutes ago, Cobretti said:

    Not experienced it and I stay logged in sitting on a chair for hours in the evening while doing other stuff, just check for eggs every 30 mins. Official server but not close to being full.

    As the server approaches 60 people the feature gets much more aggressive. Players performing repetitive actions even get kicked (people scripting etc)

  9. 2 hours ago, CowBoyKillers said:

    Ah no  a admin from a unofficial server posted the command lines to give the engrams back on here and 4-5 hrs later that's when they said "they could now reinstate tek engrams".  

    The commands you mentioned are for self only, the devs coded a new command into the game based on those commands

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