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  1. You can post it on reddit though! Video evidence is allowed there. Devs look more at that anyway.
  2. Yes. Report these people with video evidence. They get banned FAST. The trouble is getting video evidence that actually shows the cheating happening. If you get something that just shows an ORP gate, the GMs still may investigate the situation - they can pass right through that gate and check it to see if there is an offending tribe behind. Wildcard is aware of this stuff and has been working on solutions for ORP servers. They just added some new features to ORP servers last patch!
  3. Happens lots on SE as well. NEVER use manas on those maps, it will eventually happen guaranteed.
  4. Lost two kentros today to this. Food in inventory, in troughs, still dead :M
  5. I had to reinstall completely to fix this and the glitchy map bug
  6. Hence why I said halfway. They added the engram command but not a second command for ascension. pardon typo in previous post
  7. same. and ranting on twitter and reddit until they add a complete solution to restore tek engrams and ascensions - they're giving up halfway from the looks of it.
  8. I would love to see the Code of Conduct updated with a specific ruleset for ORP servers. There is so much grey area there..
  9. I'm hatching eggs 7 hours before the event starts. Still have to handfeed, but it pretty much secures a 100% imprint. It'd be nice if they could clarify this though.
  10. Yep. I'm pretty effed right now trying to get meat. Also this was our tribe's big push to get everything set for extinction and now we are going to be struggle bussing hard. Hopefully the event gets extended a bit or we're screwed
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