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  1. Done breeding. Got the second best giga and the best quetzals on the server. I also got the best wolves. Also I have gotten bored of breeding.
  2. I have been playing ark for a decent time now. I play on the server polymer. It's a PvE. Because I cant transfer my account to a PvP I have ran out of things to do. I dont want to have to start from scratch and grind my way back up. But on PvE because there is no raiding I have ran out of things to do. I can even go to a hard server. There needs to be more late game stuff.
  3. Here is the best way to get potent. 1. Snake plants and green house. Although it still takes a long time it still works ok at 300% 2. farm caves. (best way I think) Btw the indy cooker breaks sometimes when making the geopolymer cement.
  4. It’s hella stupid it costs 5 potent to make one paste and 10 paste to make one foundation. That’s 50 for a 1x1 foundation
  5. ?_Join Griffingaming424 today!_? Unoffical server pvp?? Max rates! 2x XP, 3x Harvest rates, 5x Hatching 5x Maturing, 3x Imprint! Friendly admins.? Starter kits and free levels when joining. Cave building. Fun events!? https://discord.gg/aPUpS7t
  6. tacolemons


    Hello is ark going to make a lan option anytime soon. I love the game and want to play with friends i am level 86 on offical pve but can transfer to pvp and also dont want to. It is very grindy officals servers. But i also dont want to buy a server. Is there going to be a away to do this. PLSSSSSSSSS
  7. tacolemons

    devs read

    Can I become a mod for mobile forum. How do I become a mod or something for the game? (on mobile)
  8. ADD BLACK PEARLS!!!!!!!! it is so underpowered and usless the god console
  9. tacolemons


    good thx
  10. That pursuit is called Nice to meet you too
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