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  1. wow this is one of the lamest CC... nothing new! I was expecting the next QOL tlc pass or something, but nope, nothing nada, not even evo event lmao
  2. Exactly my thoughts man! if microsoft were not behind Ark 2 to pull the WC leash I would not buy it 100% sure thats why I never bothered with Atlas
  3. if this Tropeognathus pos can fly faster, every other flying dino can! and should by now! come on wildcard!
  4. Man, it is really so sad to believe that they dont test their update before releasing it? they should at least test it before updating the patch notes. Right now its like a monkey throw a headbutt to the keyboard then say, DONE, its fixed, publish it
  5. yep, still 1 day remaining and its been like 27 hours since the update last patch was a bunch or bs right? they did not fix this, ferox still bugged as hell, mission rewards still poop... getting real tired of wc incompetence
  6. mmmm a gazillion of players are experiencing the bug and somehow its hard to repro? well all we can do is hope they fix it real soon, not WC soon ?
  7. Now we are 3 Glad that im not the only one, sad that you guys have the same problem
  8. Sounds good!! but a bit different, it is still Gareth Coker the composer?
  9. OMFG the Love Evolved looks great! can't wait for tomorrow!
  10. Looking Good, too bad its only going to last for 1 week and not this week lol
  11. no we will not, and everyone is free to their opinion, you dont like that kind of reaction, close your browser
  12. It does not matter if ypu release it tomorrow or feb 25, or Dec 31, its still going to be plagued with bugs and glitches, so unbalanced that it will destroy the clusters just like Extintion did So cut the poop and release it now, that way at least we can help to provide feedback for you guys to ignore for a few months
  13. Come on! tell us that Genesis is going to be delayed again! waiting expecting the worst is not fun
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