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  1. if this Tropeognathus pos can fly faster, every other flying dino can! and should by now! come on wildcard!
  2. it must be a monumental effort, they might kill half their braincells trying to do that, I mean they cant even update de tooltips on the dishes or the dino dossiers ?
  3. Man, it is really so sad to believe that they dont test their update before releasing it? they should at least test it before updating the patch notes. Right now its like a monkey throw a headbutt to the keyboard then say, DONE, its fixed, publish it
  4. yep, still 1 day remaining and its been like 27 hours since the update last patch was a bunch or bs right? they did not fix this, ferox still bugged as hell, mission rewards still poop... getting real tired of wc incompetence
  5. theASCHE360

    Ferox bug

    I just transformed a tamed one I got yesterday and its stats returned to when it was wild... Hell of a lots of ferox bugfixes
  6. They did fix it my man! the only way wc know how to fix things! by removing the ability from wild raptors! only tamed raptors can punce now
  7. well the brute Raptor definitely pounces... Killed me and my tribemate durning a mission lol I believe only the Wild X-Raptors have the punce disabled, my tamed ones perform it just fine Have you tested it on the regular raptors on thy other maps?
  8. mmmm a gazillion of players are experiencing the bug and somehow its hard to repro? well all we can do is hope they fix it real soon, not WC soon ?
  9. I would change the dev team LMAO! Joking aside, I would change the flyers to be able to gain speed again! I would not rever the whole flyer nerf, I'll keep the nerfed stats to balance it somehow and encourage mutation stacking if you only want speed, lets say increase only 1% flyspeed per point
  10. Now we are 3 Glad that im not the only one, sad that you guys have the same problem
  11. I think they wll fix them eventually, they better be! Have you tried downloading it outside of the cryopod?
  12. Don't worry man. im 100% sure people on this side of pond wont be able to play tomorrow at release "25th 4pm pst" I will be playable if we are lucky at 12am pst on the 26th IF WE ARE lucky. I still remember the god awfull aberration, them the even worse extinction launch!
  13. Sounds good!! but a bit different, it is still Gareth Coker the composer?
  14. OMFG the Love Evolved looks great! can't wait for tomorrow!
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