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  1. Sounds good!! but a bit different, it is still Gareth Coker the composer?
  2. OMFG the Love Evolved looks great! can't wait for tomorrow!
  3. Looking Good, too bad its only going to last for 1 week and not this week lol
  4. no we will not, and everyone is free to their opinion, you dont like that kind of reaction, close your browser
  5. It does not matter if ypu release it tomorrow or feb 25, or Dec 31, its still going to be plagued with bugs and glitches, so unbalanced that it will destroy the clusters just like Extintion did So cut the poop and release it now, that way at least we can help to provide feedback for you guys to ignore for a few months
  6. Come on! tell us that Genesis is going to be delayed again! waiting expecting the worst is not fun
  7. Well it does not matter if they release it tomorrow or in december, it is still going to be plaged with bugs and will take them months to fix them if they ever do. Thats what WC has done on every xpac release =(
  8. Agreed man but also all games and sofware developer fix said bugs, they wont last years like a lot of bugs on ark
  9. yep, they broke it when Abb came out and its going to be 2 more paid expantions later and they will stil bel broken boy im so mad for preordering Genesis...
  10. I decided to give Extinction a shot, I quit it back in the day with the million bugs and balancing issues and guess what guys!? BOLAS still not working! come on its 2020!! the sad part is that I'm not surprised... I mean the reload bug is still there, not to mention the other million bugs... they can even update the tooltip on the cooking recipes lmao Happy new year everyone! exept those that dont give an F about fixing bugs!
  11. turn off the pc, go outside and make friends, then learn to spot a JOKE who know you might get some laughs while you are it
  12. I don't have access problems on my unofficial, but I noticed my imprint interval is messed up and my Halloween Emotes are gone from my character! we can add those problems to the list
  13. Yep, gone in my unofficial server too...
  14. This Might help https://ark.gamepedia.com/Kibble#Kibble_Rework
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