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  1. Same here, that was one of the main things about this event i enjoyed. Really disapointed. I thought the event wasn't running until i saw a scarcrow pop out the ground
  2. The entire point was to nerf pocket gigas. This achieved it very effeticly. Pocket Dinos/gigas are just TOO op in general and needed a nerf. BTW you can always use a tek forcefeild or mek shield to help. It's only for 10 seconds anyway, wouldn't change how a FOB works.
  3. Hazard not working against Spores For some reason a full hazard suit or full tek suit will not protect against freezing spores anymore... For real wildcard how can you mess this up?
  4. Flyer nerf was needed. and fopr 90% of those other nerfs, never even heard of them.
  5. It's because the game was NEVER intended to be a pve game ever, and it shouldn't be IMO. Pretty sure more people play PvP than PvE.
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