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  1. whats the current offer for the 124 rex saddle?

  2. Is there any video tutorial specificaly for breeding dinos? Im a newbie in terms of breeding. Ever did was breed 2x yuty on single player mode. I need to learn the baiscs on how to get a color or stat mutwtion. Some players in the server im playing said that we can breed in such a way that the entire coloring can be changed. They even showed the proof. A completely violet theri with green hands. Hows that possible?
  3. I cant be online till 23rd morning (IST). We can figure something out after that if possible.

  4. Think its nvdia issue. Im using 1070ti and still getting bsod from time to time
  5. steamcommunity.com/id/lordarcon < my steam id. if possible add here before coming to ark since the server is having maintenance

  6. I can be online now. NA PVE Official The Island 431 is the server i am playing on. IGN is Yautja

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