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  1. Hello Wildcard Team The server makes only problems (Legacy-EU-PVE-GenOne944). You often get kicked from the server because the connection to the server is lost or when you can play for about 2 minutes, there is a delay of up to 90 seconds (e.g. You stand in front of the fridge, want to open it. It happens 60 seconds nothing and depending on how long you stood in front of them or did something else. then accordingly thrown back/reset). Also still a small proof that a delay finds stand. Is the gasoline consumption, which were filled close at the same time. On Legacy EU-PvE- 282,
  2. kicked out of the tribe Hello Wildcard, Hello Survivors My character (Luisa T-Rex) gets kicked out of the tribe from time to time. Without a member of the tribe doing it. This has happened to me twice now, today and a week ago. It happened to me on EU- PvE Server926 Another member of our tribe has already been kicked out three times. It happened to Heazi on EU- PvE Server 59 and 926 If other survivors have the same problem, write it in here. Greetings Hilli
  3. So for me the transfer of the character works again. Hopefully with you too ? Thank you very much, WildCard Team ? ? Have a nice birthday celebration ? ? ? ? ?
  4. Do you mean this post? https://twitter.com/ComplexMinded/status/1272780429876060160
  5. Not quite right, since Thursday June 11th, 2020. When the big update came. In addition, after 8 days the power cables are destroyed and the dinosaurs in the kyro chamber die. Which is illogical to me since the dinosaurs in the cryo-pod in hand survive 30 days. The power generator has a shelf life of 16 days, structures of the foundation metal also lasts 16 days. Metal water pipe pipes also 16 days. So why power cord only 8 days? The gasoline generator runs if the power cables have been destroyed after 8 days, another 8 days without use.
  6. From the official side (@lilpanda @Dollie @Cedric) I have not been able to read / find until now. On the subject. All friends (different countries) who still play the game, in-game chat and in a large German community, have the same problem. It should not only affect the legacy servers, but also the official servers.
  7. Congratulations on your 5th birthday ARK Congratulations on your 5th birthday ARK
  8. Submitted later: I took a screenshot to make it clearer. Yes, sleep is important. This is the only way our body can be generated / repaired without medication. I was told by a senior doctor in rehab.
  9. I hope that you are already working on the problem and have a solution. A short feedback would be nice. @lilpanda @Dollie @Cedric
  10. The funny thing is, via the main menu, server list all servers are found! But in game, not via the transmitter (also on other servers). Zero servers are found.
  11. Well! 9 Extinction Legacy Eu-PvE Server 9 Valguero Legacy Eu-PvE Server 4 Genesis Legacy Eu-PvE Server Here as I said, initially all servers were full (75 x 4 = 300) more the people who were on hold. Now there are about 25 per server. ? Crystal Isle Legacy Eu-PvE Server I hope of course the best that everything will be fine again. But you can't see behind the scenes what's going on or not!
  12. Active players or just all sales figures combined? Official, legacy or private sever, single player, together or individually? I guess they could have twice, if not three, players.
  13. Yeah, I hope so too. Not that you lose, dinosaurs or base.
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