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  1. When is the light (it does not matter if spotlight or TEK lamp) in-game fixed? When the light is set to dark and moves farther away from the base and comes back, the light is bright again. The same thing, if you switch on the desktop and back, the light is bright again. When will the leaves / needles and water in the game be fixed? In scorched earth and Extinction it is the trees no foliage or needles bear, one reckons no more with it, then they are suddenly back, in full splendor. Similar behavior on Extinction, with the water, rivers and lakes, it is loaded much later.
  2. When will the pet give HLN-A in other languages? Before the pet does not speak German, I will not buy the DLC or Season Pass.
  3. weapons lobby = A money machine, at the cost of human life! What if if, no one had more weapons (the exception are, the state power: military and police, etc.) and all weapons would be destroyed! Probably the people would solve arguments / conflicts with words, in the worst case with some objects to do something! But presumably these killing sprees would not happen anymore and fewer people would be killed by using weapons!
  4. Thanks for the answer Since I have misunderstood that! I read it that the legit servers are deleted by appointments. But well, the beginner server players should also know when, novice server xy will be deleted, so they have a chance to get it together and pack it well. First appointment is October 1st * scared *
  5. Hello Wildcard Team It may be possible to back up the old server to make it and play the back up later on the new server so that the player culture is not destroyed! Our tribe and buildings are attending ARK time. Even newer tribes have invested a lot of time. It would be a pity if the deletion of the servers would leave even more players forever. It would also be interesting to know which ARK servers exactly from the Wipe Dates: Oct 1st, 2019; Dec 31st, 2019; Mar 24th, 2020; Jun 16th, 2020; Sept 8th, 2020; Dec 1st, 2020 are affected? or maybe everyone! Letter from a sad ARK player Hilli
  6. Ich hab vor fast 2 Monaten ein Ticket geschrieben (19.02.2019), das beim Übertragen (Transmitter) in eine Kyro-Kapsel, mein Gezüchtetes Weiblicher Gigantosaurus level 286 verschwunden ist. Ich warte bis heute auf eine Antwort. --- Almost 2 months ago I wrote a ticket, which disappeared when transferring (Transmitter) into a Kyro-Capsule, my Bred Female Gigantosaurus level 286. I'm waiting for an answer until today.
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