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  1. ARK HOOLIGANS – PVP SERVER Ragnarok, Island, Aberration, Center, WILL BE ADDING EXTINCTION UPON RELEASE! Ark Hooligans is a pvp server designed to bring fun pvp with few rules to the dedicated server platform, without all the crazy rates/settings. Please note this is NOT a “lite-pvp” server. We are currently working on settings that promote both pvp and server longevity. If you are interested and/or have any suggestions for rates/settings you would like heard before server start, feel free to join our community at https://discord.gg/ccPytMP Currently the main settings are as follows: Vanilla Player and Dino level (with special level 180 dino events) Xp – x3 Gather – x5 Taming – x7 Egg hatch - x20 Maturation – x8 Loot Quality – x1.5 Turret damage - x1.5 Turret nerf radius limit reduced to about 20 foundations Tribe limit 10 (no alliances) With some other QoL changes such as reduced turret ammo cost, reduced Food/Water drain, faster resource respawning, unlimited respecs, non permanent diseases, tribe imprinting, cave fliers, and more. Server Rules: Our expectation is that we all play like mature adults. Raid, fight, and create rivalries, but do so in a way that encourages a healthy environment. Those who do not follow the rules will be set back increasingly. - No dino wiping. 3 USEFUL dinos must be left alive. Killing dino’s is part of the game, but there’s never a reason to kill everything. There are also no rules against passive killing. PROTECT YOUR DINOS. - No main base wiping. The overall structure of the base you raid should be recognizable. (with the exception of things such as small cave bases, outposts, raiding fobs, etc. Common sense applies, and is completely up to the discretion of the admin.) - No avoiding a strike by exploiting the rules. Example: Leaving your tribe after getting a strike to prevent your mates from being wiped and rejoining once wipe protection is returned. We have a clear and predetermined strike system for fairness and transparency. Strike 1: Wiping rules do not apply to you for a month. (if you are given a strike for toxicity you will start here) Strike 2: Wiping rules do not apply to you for a month. In addition, admin will delete all of the turrets on your main base. (if you are given a strike for wiping dinos or a base, you will start here) Strike 3: Admin wipe of your Dino’s Strike 4: Admin wipe of all Dinos and structures, admin will also disband the tribe. Bans will be handed out to any individual who progresses past strike 4. People breaking the rules in your tribe, will affect your entire tribe. Please police yourselves. Strikes count across the entire cluster, and will go away 3 months after the latest offense. For any other information, again please join our discord at https://discord.gg/ccPytMP