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  1. The legal problem was caused by JS working on Ark while he was working for a different company - which was a breach of contract. https://kotaku.com/ark-survival-evolved-developers-settle-lawsuit-1771234316
  2. https://www.pcgamer.com/uk/atlas-mmo/ says... "Appealing to their community's whims is especially notable because Studio Wildcard will also be releasing all of the dev tools for Atlas so that players can make their own servers"
  3. You can only use S+ if it is installed on the server.
  4. Which cave? Official or unofficial? Can you place any structures in the cave? Maybe cave building is turned off.
  5. You can only transfer to servers in the same cluster. If you transfer off your current map (to another in the same cluster) you will remain in the tribe on your first map. But you will need to form or join a tribe on the second map (and subsequent maps). You can't take your existing structures with you - unless the server has S+ and you pick everything up - which I wouldn't recommend as you could lose it all if you die.
  6. I suspect that patches fix more than they claim... So we don't know what we're downloading even when we're told !
  7. Go into "enablespectator" and look at a Raft... It has a taming bar as well ?
  8. You *might* just be ok for one map with four players. Your limiting factor will be the CPU. Make sure you use a whitelist or a password to restrict the server to just your friends. The real test will come once people have tamed a lot of dinos and/or built a large base or two. Don't try to play Ark on the same PC that hosts the server, otherwise the lag will be too much for your friends.
  9. Please add an option for unofficial servers to remove the 30 second limit on picking up structures. Also please allow unofficials to pickup all items (generators, fabricators, etc). Otherwise: I can't express how brilliant it is to see the S+ features appearing in Vanilla Ark. You've made my day ?
  10. Menus will sometimes fail to work if the dino is clipping through a structure.
  11. Some unofficials are run from home - rather than rented servers - which reduces costs for the owners. Don't forget that WildCard can pull the plug on official servers as well. In fact, they have shut down lots of servers and turned some into "legacy" servers with zero support. I do get that unofficials are not for everyone. I've tried official and unofficial... and ultimately decided to setup my own unofficial.
  12. Find a good unofficial server. I know it's painful to leave all your work behind, but you'll never progress through the game (cave runs and boss fights) if you can't breed a good set of dinos.
  13. Is your friend using -automanagemods to ensure that his server gets the latest version of the mods? I suspect that the versions of the mods you have are different to the versions your friend has on his server. Another thought: Are there any other Windows accounts on the PC you use - that also have Steam installed? I believe that having Ark installed under several different accounts on the same PC can cause this kind of problem.
  14. Validate Ark's game files... Right Click on Ark Survival and choose properties. Click the "Local Files" tab, then click "Verify Integrity of Game Files" If you're trying to connect to an Extinction server, then it's possible that one of the mods is not compatible with Extinction. WildCard have recently released an updated Dev Kit due to incompatibilities with Extinction, so it might be that your friend has to remove one or more mods until they are recompiled with the new Dev Kit.
  15. See if you can put it into a cryopod, or Try whipping the dino to see if that will move it. Whistle the dino to follow you. Build replacement walls, knock down the existing walls, lead the dino away, then replace the walls. Report the issue as a bug... https://survivetheark.com/index.php?/pc-bug-reports/ Good Luck.
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