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  1. missrukia

    Your Guide to Painting Dinos with Admin Commands

    Would love to see an updated list
  2. missrukia


    Tranq darts would be a good addition personally think they are too weak as proper combat drones But as a taming/stealth tool super useful
  3. missrukia

    Add new maps to console

    Hey its been a long time now why not add some more of the popular custom arks like theives Island, Madagascar, roramia and is space is an issue option FREE download
  4. Was just talking to a friend about how I think the 30 seconds could be useful if it was upped because you might be trying something and when you're done it might not look right but by that time the 30 secs are up But sweet new stuff coming to xbox one soon can't wait gonna build some sweet stuff with that might need a day in creative to fiddle with everything before trying on the sever but cool Now about the constant crashing kicking from servers and items disappearing from inventorys any words on when that'll be fixed