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    Hey Melcreif, thank you for your comments and your opinion, I really appreciate it, What am seeing is some people want it to be longer and more detailed and some want it 10 mints long.. I came to terms with not bring able to please both sides, I only cut the taming scenes out for the purpose of run time, I used not even 50% of the raw footage I got, I think it was bad time management from My side omitting certain scenes and leaving others, with your feedback I really hope I'll improve on the next one. Again thank you so much for your time and words
  2. OScorpionOS


    Hey Weiss, thank you for watching and for your constructive criticism.. Deeply appreciated, however yes I made some boring scenes for you probably a veteran in this game but for new players or even for people who never touched this game will be super confused if I didn't slow it down for them, and I understand the level of attention to detail you're referring to with the otter wounds, but be a bit more realistic it will take 4 hours to film his wounds healing inch by inch, most people will miss it at the end, the intro was a cinematic take to show the setting and the map for said story, 1 mint. of showing the landscape and how big this world is didn't even cut it, and yes some scenes were a tad longer than they could've been, will improve on that for sure thank you!, lastly am sorry you lost interest within that fast but it can't all be action scenes and killing and fighting, and lots of people requested a full movie length of a story for the next one, but I'll try to keep it under 20 mints for this upcoming one, again thank you so much for your awesome words and hopefully u stick around more for the next one.
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    Hey everyone! I made a movie about a survivor in the beautiful world of ARK.. I hope you enjoy it