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  1. CONNECTION TIMEOUT Something has caused Ark Mobile online multiplayer from working correctly. After one of the updates I get the message CONNECTION TIMEOUT Whoops! For some reason your connection to the server timed out. Please check your network settings and try again. I have tried on multiple apple devices with same results. I can no longer access the servers I play on even with my primal pass on cellular data. Online works fine when connected to WiFi. I have tried deleting and reinstalling the game with same results. For some reason and it’s random... but I can access and load into ser
  2. I received my free server transfer ticket for Imprint (PVE-Easy-NA). I chronicled 8 dinos and transferred to new server. My implants show they will revive wild. This is a problem because I was under the impression they would revive tame. I imprinted on a few of them and now I will lose my imprint rider bonus I worked hard for. I was tribe of BERRYPICKERS and a one man tribe on both servers now. Please help solve this problem. I just want my tames to revive tamed like they should have. I didn’t ask for this server transfer so please help with this simple problem to get me going. Thanks in advan
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