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  1. Or you could simply NOT undermesh, and ban those who do, wiping everything they have.
  2. y0himba

    Turret Changes: A Technical Talk about why.

    Players could try building smaller bases. Reduce the size of objects contained in a base like the Tek stuff, the fabricator and so forth to allow for more compact bases and try not taking up so much land that isn't even used. Huge bases are just for show, degrade the game, and lead to these insane amounts of turrets, which again, are used for showing off. This reduction in size would not only require less turrets to defend, but would use less resources and would help make bases easier to defend.
  3. I cannot wait for there to more official Primitive Plus servers with lower ping times. The current official servers all have above 110 ping at all times, sometimes even worse. I am dying to play it, but the high ping times make game play less than enjoyable.
  4. All I took away from the trailer is that I wanna run around in my "birthday suit".