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  1. I can see how it would make the game a bit more unfair, especially on PvP. Although people might be able to raise dinos like gigas faster, the mating cooldown is still in place preventing them from building a ridiculous giga army too quickly. I just feel like it would help many players, especially on official, if something could speed up the growth of baby dinos.
  2. I was thinking maybe you could buy it for a small amount of amber.
  3. Recently I raised a griffin, and boy do those things take a long time to raise. This provoked an idea in my head: What if there was something that could, I dunno, speed up growth? GROWTH PHEROMONES!!! I feel like that would that benefit people who raise dinos that take a long time to mature, (such as myself). I was just wondering if you guys were already developing something like that, or maybe we could see it in-game soon?
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