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  1. Feature Rich! DDoS protected servers Server locations world wide (USA east + west, France, Germany, UK, Canada) Full Cluster support Full Mod support Easy to use web UI with configuration editors Schedule backups, restarts, updates, etc Unlimited SSD Storage space Modern Intel Xeon hardware upwards of 4Ghz and DDR4 ECC memory only! Grant sub-user access to allow others access to manage your server One click Steam updates Full File access Built in and FTP file access Access to all DLC maps and content. Switch at any time. Order ARK Survival Evolved Server Hosting £0.35 Per Slot. Starting at £ 7/month for 20 slots. Please use the promo code "survivetheark.com" to get 30% off your first month. If you are noy 100% satisfied within 48 hours of purchase we can provide a full no quibble refund. Have questions about our hosting service? Please comment or contact our sales team
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