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  1. Every day for atleast an hour ps4 pve genesis server crashes it's getting real o Tired of servers crashing sessions not found ever since last update
  2. Na PVE extinction 997 Ps4 is gone aswell
  3. The GM's are asking for ss of your character ID# so make sure you guys have one for a fully restored character. That means all boss fights and levels.
  4. I did have the basilosaurus in the deep takeing pressure damage at the time of said incident that might be a factor
  5. Basilosaurus have always protected riders from electrical damage...now they do not
  6. Basilosaurus broken? Are basilosaurus bugged? Have been recieving electrical damage from eels while riding basilosaurus...
  7. Terrible decision totally ruined the mana.
  8. This just happened to me on abb full of ing I'm putting in a ticket
  9. Tek storage disappeared Had a tek storage box full of ing just disappear nothing in tribe log.
  10. Mana Nerf You guys nerfed the Mana way too much
  11. Yes but they decayed at 7 days of no render not 15.
  12. Character save If you cant fix the loss of characters do to roll backs and transfers why not just implement a character save option to game?
  13. Decay timers are way wrong We have had metal bases and structures despawn at 7 days of no render. Decay of metal is supposed to be 15 days? Note: we have logged into servers every couple days just haven't rendered area. Ps4 official pve servers. This started happening after Valguero update.
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