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  1. The terrain in the Ice Wyvern cave does not have collision and players will fall under the map if they land on the map terrain. Rocks are fine. Only the terrain is affected. Build: 341.33 { Linux server) Client: 341.36. No mods. Multiple players on my server have tested and confirmed this issue.
  2. I had to manually reinstall 5 of my Linux servers to get them working again. Using SteamCMD.
  3. I'm not running ACM on any of my servers and they are all crashing. All Linux hosted.
  4. All players can see all clusters in my server cluster, but after the last 2 updates I am unable to see any server with my player. I have tried restoring my player files from backups from 3 different periods up to 5 months ago with no change. I have the only player in this cluster that cannot see any other server so it has to be a player config or server/player file issue. Can anyone help as I am the tribe Admin and lead in this cluster and have 4 years invested in the ascended player? I will be happy provide any server files that are needed to help troubleshoot.
  5. I have validated my server and it is on build 320.38 on Linux. My Scorched Earth server is not granting any player the Genesis 2 notes 6-10. 2 Windows clients and 21 Linux client have tried all locations. No response from HNLA. Next step is a complete reinstall but I don't think that will help. We have visited all the known locations many times with no results. Server is Debian 10.7 Buster Server build 320.28 Client Windows 230.31
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