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  1. From Twitter: Dollie We're cooking a build to address a Crystal Isles specific crash that's occurring with the last deployment. I'd rather not give a specific ETA at this point but we're quite confident it will be ready to go soon.
  2. We tried single player also and it is crashing too. This is a map issue. It is not server based!
  3. On my Linux server running 312.82 my entire community is unable to connect to the server as soon as they go to or near the floating islands. Most of our community is currently not able to get back on the server. We all get disconnected as soon as we load the floating islands in the loading screen. This started today immediately after the client update was pushed!
  4. I am using SteamCMD. I am editing the files while the server is STOPPED. I make my changed and save. Then I start the server. After the server starts I open the files and 90% of my settings are wiped. These are settings I have used for months on my servers so it is not my settings. I have been running Ark servers on Linux since 2015 and this is has happened before on another update.
  5. Linux GameUserSettings.ini Overwriting On my Linux servers since update 312.72 the GameUserSettings.ini is being overwritten every time I boot up my server unless I lock the file as Read Only. Then the server gives me several errors before eventually booting into the game. This file should be appended if needed, but never over-written! Every section in the file is being wiped and reset back to defaults. This is not acceptable in a custom environment. Please investigate and see if this issue can be resolved. I will be happy to provide more info information if needed. Server is
  6. Server Name: Rodinia Dev - Not Public - (v310.27) Server build ID: 4899022 Querying Steam database for latest version... Current version: 4899022 Available version: 4899022 Your server is up to date! host -V host 9.11.5-P4-5.1-Debian cat /etc/os-release PRETTY_NAME="Debian GNU/Linux 10 (buster)" NAME="Debian GNU/Linux" VERSION_ID="10" VERSION="10 (buster)" VERSION_CODENAME=buster ID=debian
  7. I am running Debian 10 on my servers. Running great right now. I did a force update and all 4 of my servers were able to start after the update finished.
  8. Check your servers again for an update. It released a few minutes before I typed my message. My servers are all up and stable now.
  9. Thank you for moving my thread to the correct place. And thank you to the Wildcard Team for getting that patch out tonight! My servers are all back up and looking good!
  10. Linux servers are dead! Server running: No Server listening: No Server build ID: 4898238 Querying Steam database for latest version... Current version: 4898238 Available version: 4898238 Your server is up to date! Debian Linux 10.3 128GB ECC 1920X Threadripper None of my servers will start. Please fix the binaries for Linux and update it tonight so my servers aren't down all night. Thank you! -Tru
  11. Looks like the latest patch for Linux is good! Thanks WC!
  12. Temporary bandaid. Hope you aren't running auto updates.
  13. Querying Steam database for latest version... Current version: 4785990 Available version: 4785990 Your server is up to date! Still broken WC!
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