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  1. By Tek rex I am referring to the Tek saddle that can be equipped to a rex that has all points into health. on official pvp servers, we just call them Tek rexs and they are unbalanced.
  2. I and many other official pvp players believe the Tek rex needs a balance check, it is capable of killing giga riders and tames while outside turret range and can reach over 100k hp on official server as of now. We just had 10+ tek rexs pelting our fob and there was pretty much nothing we could do about it. Imagine trying to fob an extinction server where tribes can farm thousands of element and sit outside of your turret range and shoot you and your tames constantly... Not fun
  3. lol yeah all you need to do is feed them dodo kib and they won't starve. our desert titan flew off past the death barrier and hasn't died yet, we tamed it on like day three of ps4 release
  4. the ark gods smile down upon you
  5. logged onto our abb then uploaded a drake to go scouting, pretended to be a noob in chat then ended up popcorning someones crafting station. (at least that will teach them to have better turret coverage ) looooool
  6. the dinos look pretty sweet tbh, keen to see if they drop another OP soaker
  7. keen to thatch it up n run around with a club n bolas again haha
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