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  1. T1R

    Dino Names

    I just have a tendency to look up names on google, use crystal names, colors, mix colors and actual names, just be creative.
  2. Spino, Stego, Thyla, Otter.
  3. T1R

    ARK Memes

    Oh my god I'm so glad I clicked this thread. ?
  4. T1R


    You have knock out the victim then equip them to their offhand spot.
  5. A tek transmitter is probably the fastest way to get it out if it hasnt sunk past transmitter range. If you cant place one, as long as you can access the creatures inventory to feed it or set a paracer with a platform and troughs on its back near it so it will eat, it should be fine until your ticket goes through. Just remember to visit it often and make sure its eating from the trough before you leave.
  6. T1R

    Toxicant Arrow

    It depends on the creature you are trying to tame. For bigger creatures I tend to use arrows over darts but if its a smaller creature I use darts because the arrows do more damage and have a higher chance of killing small things.
  7. Clear the DLC from your files then, Redownload the DLC itself. I had this same issue one time with Ragnarok. All I had to do was redownload and it worked again.
  8. Because the dino can only be claimed by its birthgiver you would have to make sure it at least reaches Juvi before you unclaim because it will attack everything otherwise. Hope this helps.
  9. T1R


    That is so pretty ?
  10. T1R


    I don't think I would have the patience to build that but, its so beautiful.
  11. T1R


    This is beautiful ?
  12. The stats vary. I have had 180s come out with 200 melee and 160s come out with close to 300 melee. With drakes high lvl isnt always better. Its always kind of a gamble. For PVE I like mine to have at least 1k - 1.5k stam. Higher if its a weight drake. Hp usually sits between 12-15k (with good saddle) and then everything else is pumped into melee. But, thats just me.
  13. I don't know the "best" way but a way that worked for my tribe was there were 2 of us down there. One person killed off the low lvls and took the low eggs forcing all of them out of the trench. We kinda just kept the good lvls in the trench and ran around until their eggs spawned. Sometimes we had to kill everything tho if you couldn't get them off your tail. Drakes are relentless mofos when you have their eggs. We would bail for a bit and take the eggs back to base when our drakes hit 1.5k hp.
  14. T1R


    I've noticed its not the type of fish its the size. So a 1.0x fish would work better than a 0.5x fish. It's also easier to tame them if you aggro them into a trap and then just get fish from the river. Hope this helps.
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