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  1. T1R

    ARK Memes

    Oh my god I'm so glad I clicked this thread. ?
  2. T1R


    That is so pretty ?
  3. T1R


    I don't think I would have the patience to build that but, its so beautiful.
  4. T1R


    This is beautiful ?
  5. Thyla breeding.... lots of thyla breeding. ?
  6. Pegos, microraptors, purlovia, cnidaria, eels, piranhas.... lots of things are annoying... But ive lost too many tames to pegos n piranhas.
  7. Base building, breeding, egg stacking for a mass hatching.
  8. I've just been trying to find something to do. Just raised 50 rexes for a tribe project, a couple thylas and 3 gigas for poops and giggles. 2 of the gigas are cyan and I'm super excited about them. I have some purple eggs I need to hatch to see if I got the good stats on them. Hopefully I get lucky again and get a M & F with the stats first set. ?
  9. The 25 tribe member cap is useless if you allow alliances because you can just continuously alliance with other like minded players and take the whole server by storm. Please remove alliances.
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