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  1. You know a great way to start reviving the game? If everyone actually played it. If people got a community of players how would like to play and revive it, people could host like a once a week tournament. Sure it would probably be a small amount but as word spreads overtime, people would see that people still play this game and would want to join in. We all know that there are plenty of people who would love to come back to Sotf. Of course the game doesnt have a lot of content compared to the main game but if enough people begin to play the game, WC might see it as a revival chance and "MIGHT" think about updating it.
  2. They had plans of adding a play as dino edition of the game as they called it "Primal Survival". It was a mode that was never released unfortunately, but since they sponsored it, it may be coming back to life to the devs and might bring it back. Hopes are high but will they add it is the question.
  3. So far, I have my RTX 2080 and this is have happening. I have NOT overclocked my GPU ever and at base clock it WILL crash 5-20 minutes with a BSOD. The only fixes I have seen so far is underclocking the GPU to around -324MHz. It seems to prevent most of the BSODs but for me is not full proof. I can play all day and not get a BSOD but sometimes it will happen occasionally. The only full proof method is using DX10 mode. I have never had it crash from a BSOD error before. The maps that are effected are The Island, Scorched Earth, The Center, and Ragnarok. Abberation and Extinction work just fine under normal mode and I have never crashed with BSOD. This leads to me thinking this is a Wildcard issue at this point with the older maps since we all know how well they get to optimizing and updating older maps. Hope this update helps! *******EDIT After doing more research I just updated to the 419.17 nvidia drivers and now the game still crashes and freezes but will not longer BSOD when killing it with task manager like it used to. Still doesn't fix the issue with the game crashing every 5 seconds when flying. Now my specific problem is linked with Wildcard.
  4. Well good news, if you underclock the gpu slightly, it fixes the issue. Seems bad pool caller bsod shows bad overclocking. So i underclocked to see if it was just too fast for ark and it worked!
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