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  1. Just now I fixed it I suppose. I think the only way is just keep deleting until you can place. I had to delete around 30 structures (and possibly wait for server save) before I could place.
  2. How to fix "too many structures nearby" on PVE official One of my artefact pedestals decayed, and I can't place a new one since of "too many structures nearby" I have destroyed around 20 structures nearby, server has restarted, still getting that message. My ally was telling me in his old PVE server, he got that message and had to destroy half his base until it let him build. Does anyone have any ideas?
  3. Is starve taming better for taming effectiveness? Someone on my official PVE server tamed a 145 Bronto using the starve taming method, without any balm. The Bronto got all of its bonus levels. I thought taming effectiveness is dependent on how many times a Dino eats taming food. Does that mean starve taming is better for getting 100% bonus levels; or would the Bronto get 100% effectiveness regardless if tamed via starve or regular?
  4. Kamil

    Dodobitus boss

    Myself and 4 other players can confirm this has happened to us. We're in a medium PVE official server. We've tried relogging, waiting around the nest, still wasn't able to find the last dodo minion. Someone suggested trying to grenade the nest area, but I haven't tried yet, it might not do anything.
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