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  1. MTS trio tribe servers not available? I tried to join this link for the island on MTS trio tribes servers: https://ark-servers.net/server/181871/ But it's been a couple days MTS Servers are offline. Someone know when will it be available to join?
  2. HellBoyRok95

    Reaper TLC

    Reaper TLC Can we have a 2 variants reaper? can we have distinctive abilities like the king swimming undewater by deploying his fins from his back and tail or the queen( tamed one is sterile) can dig underground like a basilik and does damaging on stone structure??? Reapers are my favorite creatures from aberration, but i would like to have at least a Queen tamed to feel rewarding and challenging to get. I'm getting tired to have the same variant for each attempt for impregnating.
  3. I'm still waiting to have a Reaper Queen Tameable as a Reaper TLC update, cuz it would be awesome to have 2 variants with distinctive abilities and make players excited to get impregnate for challenge, but i think nobody cares now....
  4. And maybe make DeathWorm more Lethal to large dinos like the rex and once you beat the creatures, you get loot.
  5. I like Aberration and still enjoy it, because we have at least a maps that doesn't allow flyers (expect the desert titan, but it is intended to be a PVP meta) which i think these creatures are overused in pvp. I like the concept to build a base in a upward rock cliff to increase your chance to succed tour raid defense, BUT has we all know, there always something to fix or something missing in the third DLC, Here's what i've in mind to improve this content: 1) Gets 2 variants of Reaper: One is the king, which is the most agile variants: It could have a better aim acid spit accuracy and have its own fast (has a spino) swimming ability and animations underwater. Maybe a claw attack. An engineering( by tek) Reaper Queen could be the competitor to the giga: It can't have a saddle, but have radical ability that may overcome an undefensable raid. It has a roar that could Buff resistance immunation to the king counterpart against light radiation effect from Plant Z flash grenade,charge lantern light puppets (bulldogs, featherlight, glowtails and shinehorns) for for 30s. It could also dig underground by sneaking like the basilik, have a grab attack to smash mid-size dinos. But your oxygen is decreasing 3x than mouting a basilik to prevent unbalanced pvp. It could also spit acid that istead slowing down creatures, it could damage metal structure and flak armor has the anthropleura. It is 3x tankier than the king, so it could manage to soaking many heavy turrets bullets at once. For getting this variants, instead to put a percentage of chance to get a Queen variants, you have to cook a special gland : First, you need to find the alpha reaper king that give you alpha reaper king barb and the glands of the wild queen to be able have the right gland to consume before the baby reaper burst out of your chest. To imprint it, you have to sacrifice another baby aberrant dinos similar to the troodon taming method. 2) Give TLC Rock drake's turning radius while climbing to cliff/walls and maybe fast claw attack. It soo cringy and annoying to control it by a mouse that doesn't have a accuracy direction. W,A,S and D would be a better way to manage rock drake turning radius while been upside down climbing cliff and platform. 3) Karkinos TLC: up claw use. These should be able to protect mounted players from frontward. 4) Basilik TLC: able to be immune radiation effects from the red zone and Rock drake trench. Wilds are immune, but tamed one are not which it's illogical. Also Maybe add a whip attack in a purpose to the tide of it's tail and change the poison spit animation attack. Feels cheap by recycling the spit poison wyverns in a exclusif dino. 5) Seeker TLC: Make them tameable and allow them to spit a flashy substance to a enemy player by a whislte command. 6)Charge pillars should have the role like the crafting pillars in exctinction. It pissed soo many players off, because the motionless transfers pillars are only in the scorched surface and Radiation zone. we always depend on transmitter,loot crates and beacons... 7) Make the Rockwell boss rewarding. Unlocking only tek engrams and acsendant level is not enough to play back. It should have valuable loot and big amount of elements in the Alpha version. I know it seems soo demanding for a wishlist, but i think Aberration deserves some improvements like Scorched Earth does. We should not play Aberration to just benefited its feature and go back to the maps with many biomes after 2 months of grinding and Farming. We should play it to enjoy longer the content. I still try to play it often has possible, but many people are still first focusing on Ragnarok and the island has a main habitats for their bases.
  6. Maybe new creatures exclusif only for SE would be inspired by Egypt Mythos, that would help for revitalise the first DLC.
  7. The one and only dinos to SE, BUUUUUUTTTT NO one use it. It's not a Good pvp Dinos saddly and i think it doesn't decrease weight on ingot metal. Also, i remember that it doesn't have a great hitbox on fire gliding.
  8. You know what? Feels like WC is the equivalent of 343 industrie with the marketing of Halo 5 which is a mess in the story that the devs lure us with that to, of courses, cash grabbing move . That's why i hate some Devs (even from triple A games) using false advertisement to sell us their product, because they know gamers will buy it blindly. I'm tired to feel triggerd about the subject with Reaper Queens not tameable in aberration and I WILL NEVER AGREE WITH WE SHOULD AKNOWLEDGE THAT THEY HAVE THE RIGHT TO REMOVE A CONTENT FROM WHAT THEY ANNOUNCED/PRESENTED.(arguments that feels like from a individual's dev underbelly, stop it!) Story lessons: Do you remember destiny 1 and 2 should have a rich story telling, character developpement and impactful design level? well, we have been mislead with blent character, confusing story telling and lackluster content. Star wars battlefront was supposed to be the revival of a old classic games, but the progression system got raptor*d up with BS loot box imposed by EA. Does sea of thieves deserve 60 buck after 3 hours of gameplay with average loot in pvp? In don't want a copy paste game called Atlas which try to immitate a pretender of success. Same for ark. Saying the same BS for the purpose to increase their selling product without carrying of the community and the quality of their game. What we could do now, has a players AND CONSUMERS, we have the right to get the f*ck off of this game and say like ''I won't give any attention to this company to support their game if they use anti-consumer to resolve potential bugs exploit from players that they didn't or did know that they were breaking the game and banning a tribe who raid another tribe belonging to snail game in conquest'' . OR, still supporting them without major change on a dying game, because they do whatever they want. We still live in a democracy, so we still have the power to support or not the game.
  9. I Hope too that there's a modder make this concept and might convince WC to change their mind about their decision for this creature. Although exctinction is release, you might be right that they won't have time to invest furthermore on this game due that they are probably making m Ark 2 and Atlas( which no one ask and it is meant to compete sea of thieves)
  10. I'm pretty sure their's people would like to have a tame the Queen version but won't admit it. Because they might be scared that could become OP for a third TLC patch. I could understand that, but what i've figure what WC could do is make a Tek engineered version of the creature. It would not be easy to get its resource and would be expensive.But worth the time for the use of this creature with similars abilities like the rock drake, karkinos or basilik. The design would be inspired from the aliens king/rogue.
  11. hey! What about a tameable Reaper Queen???
  12. Trailer are meant to look good for helping devs to sell their product, but the issue here is that, it's about the first description that mention you could tame a Reaper Queen and they switched it for the change of the taming mechanic on reapers. Me, what i'm upset about is that, Devs ''Kind of'' used their streaming at TwitchCon 2017 to show the creature has a strategic marketing for selling their DLC because they were rushing at some point. At the final result, we didn't get what we expect for. It feel like you buy a bag of cheetos, instead it does taste REAL Cheetos, it taste like Crunchy cheese from yum-yum which the texture and the taste is not enough appealing. You eat Cheetos until the bag is empty, but Yum-Yum you left the half of it. It the same has the Reapers. We tame reapers king until you got three of them , which would be enough, but if it were possible to get a Queen, players would feel more appeal to get one or more.
  13. That's because logically, if a tribe did a city like this in PVP, it won't survive longer anyway. But you could recreate it in PVE due the fact that you don't need Metal or tek structure for your experience and your defense. I agree that it not the case in pvp, it would be cool that we have Real NPC for the PVE and do wat ever we want in building mechanic.
  14. What devs said about the content before SE release?
  15. Basilik and Reaper King (Would be a masterpiece if we were able to getting a Queen, but it's not possible REEEEE!)
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