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  1. pr0D3uc3

    server tame limit

    instead of tame cap it would be tribe cap
  2. pr0D3uc3

    server tame limit

    why not just make more servers... only let a certain amount of tribes aloud if the cap is 5500 and each tribe gets 500 only allow 11 tribes per server then no servers will cap...
  3. charge nodes ya i get that but gas veins... idk
  4. pr0D3uc3

    Upload error

    happens SOOOO Often to me
  5. pr0D3uc3

    uhhh trading forum jumpstarter

    Is it even worth is the real question
  6. pr0D3uc3

    My bro's base was destroyed.

    or he did something illegal against the tos
  7. pr0D3uc3

    Small question..

    always fly so much easier
  8. pr0D3uc3


    rhinos are legit easier to manage then the rex's on rag
  9. pr0D3uc3

    So what did you do in ARK today?

    Completed Labyrinth for first time
  10. pr0D3uc3

    Tuso Taming Questions

    are you on pve if so you cant grab anything but yours
  11. pr0D3uc3

    Brand New Extinction Teasers!

    Never been more excited!
  12. pr0D3uc3

    Conquest Servers Are Open!

    alliances kill tribes