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  1. Whether ORP makes Alpha invincible or not is irrelevant. If you can't face a large tribe online while everyone is fighting then. You shouldn't be doing it. Offline raiding is a cowards act. Spamming Pillars and foundations should be an offence punishable by devwipe. And in the case where the devs don't wipe it unused foundations and pillars should have a demolish timer that is based off of something other than members being off line. Foundation spamming is an issue even on official servers without ORP so ORP is hardly tbr issue when It comes to foundation and pillar spamming.
  2. Like what's the point of offline raiding. I don't understand? WC needs to get their asses out of their heads and add ORP to their official clusters. If they are actually 100% serious of the Quality of Life improvements they promise to add to ark ORP is something that needs to be on the agenda. Playing on PC here.
  3. I'm seriously considering Moving. Sick of offline raiding. It's supposed to be PVP. Player vs player. Not player vs sleeping person. Or player vs the guy with a job.
  4. Can I have more information on official offline raid protection servers? What are the rates on those servers? 1x or 2x what?
  5. I guess not then. Too bad 110 on nitrado used to be so cool. PVP on the server was forbidden by the alpha tribe. We all helped each other build and get strong and helped out when there was a call for help or an attack on the island. This way we easily repelled invaders from other servers. Especially the Chinees invasion. And because we were strong we used yo invade other servers too. Was so much fun not having to worry too much about being offline raided. Really was a great server. Now it seems every server I go to the alpha tribes just stomp on anyone and anything. Which really kills it for me. I've been to six different servers so far and I feel like I am living in perpetual fear all the time as a solo player.
  6. Hello there fellow survivors. I've been an ARK player for many years. Probably since day ONE on the PC. But I've been out of it for some time. I come and go sometimes months or years pass between visits to the ark. But I am back again. I usually play with the name Alvilda in Ark. I'm wondering if there are any nice official servers to play on. The kind where the whole server kind of bands together instead of fighting one another all the time. Used to play on an old Nitrado server like that a few years back. Are there any servers like that around? I'm from South Africa so I usually play on EU servers as they give the best ping for me. Any ways guys keep on surviving! Cheers.
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