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  1. Sodom

    Another bug

    Another bug Heyhoo ^^ My old bugs got fixed to 90% but now i have a new one ^^ My map isnt working as it should ... first: its blank when i ride a dino ^^ i have to go down to walking, open the map and jump on dino with opened map second: it doesnt fill up i was an all places in the map but 60% o the map is empty and blank please help again greetings
  2. Guys are you serious right now. They fixed a bug only i had and youre talking about this ?? DILO ... im jst thanking them so come down ...
  3. Thank you !! Thanks alot for fixing my bugs !! Its so much better now Greetings and thanks again
  4. Sodom


    Quest Heyhoo ^^ Since a week im trying to do the quest: Aquatic Giants But whatever i do, the freaking square isnt going green to make the pictures ... i tried every position Tried it on: Leeds, Dunkleos, Megalo, Mosa, Plesio and Tuso but it always stood red and so i cant do this quest Ideas and Help please Thanks and greetings ^.^
  5. This or this way we can play the new version from tomorrow on Still thanks for the update that will.come
  6. Sodom


    The list says upper south cave thats why im asking ^^ Sorry but thats not really precise where in the lava cave ?? Cause i dont want to spend a single life in there i searched but didnt find it thank you and greetings
  7. Sodom


    Dossier MOBILE VERSION Heyhoo ^.^ Well i cant find the mammoth dossier and google wasnt helpful too Also i cant watch amber videos every 15 minutes cause i cant tap it it says: 0:00 and the button is pitch black ... a month ago i reportet a very bad bug but none got fixed for beginning does anyone know where the mammoth dossier location is ?? greetings :))
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