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  1. All the volcano in genesis when farming with skiffs, sometimes magmasaur goes a little into mesh and gets killed
  2. Instant crash on ps4 when joining I buy a tier 3 loot crate, i crash instantly, now i cant join because i crash, and tribemates cant check inventory because they crash. This is on ps4 smalltribes.
  3. My base got wiped by genesis' volcano We been doing good on genesis for about 2 weeks, but yesterday those 2 weeks dissapeared in half an hour. In the ps4 patch they added the volcano rocks mechanic, which wiped my hole base and one tapped almost all my tames. Im saying that this broken mechanics should not be put in the new dlc 3 weeks after release. WC took many delays on genesis, to then do this to us and throw 2 weeks of work to the trash. Plus all the bugs in genesis like invisible attack unit or reapers, dissapearing ferox, etc. This is pretty unbelievable. WC should give all the play
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