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  1. Are Macros Illegal? So I've been getting a lot of different opinions , I even had a pretty decently long conversation with a crossfire z8 games gm about this two sided coin, my point being if your going to ban someone for using a macro your pretty much saying you can ban anyone with a gaming keyboard, razer snyapsis for example... but the other side of the coin which she did make a good point, is that not everyone has gaming keyboards, not everyone can afford one so buying a gaming keyboard is having an advantage over someone with those macro keys... so long story short im wondering if anyone can awnser the question.. are macros , macros specifally for example - pushing t over n over n over again so you can transfer food into dinos inventory and go do something else for a few hours while ur char is auto feeding your new rex .. or is this against the code of conduct ??? just want to be sure , because id hate to get banned over something like this..
  2. Official Servers - Island405 - RTCW Replica - Beach Invasion https://www.twitch.tv/videos/467000004 3 Years of trying to replicate RTCW ( Return To Castle Wolfenstein) Mp_Beach or Beach Invasion from my childhood game where I created Dragon Clan back in 2001 in the rtcw days, I've finally managed to make a full replica in ARK: Survival Evolved on an Official PVE Server. NA-PVE-OfficialServer-TheIsland-405 , Cords are 85/65 if you want to come check and see if its still there, if not I must have died or something.
  3. Newly tamed dinos DECAY INSTANTLY. In this video I show me taming a megatherium all the way from the start to finish in hopes wildcard can find out why this bug is a thing.. Long video short, I knock out the megatherium, stick kibble in its inventory and wait.. soon as its tamed Skip to 17:44 for the ( Your megathierum was AUTO DECAY DESTORYED ). WHAAA???????
  4. The Most BS Way to Loose Any Dino. https://clips.twitch.tv/InterestingThirstyMeatloafItsBoshyTime
  5. thank you, im hosting a contest and the prize is a clone of the wyvern in the picture, not sure if im allowed to advertise my discord link here. but my steam ID is /rtcwspyro if u want more details
  6. I recently got my base destroyed due to someone in the alliance on purposely accepting tribe war with another tribe, I did not approve anything, apparently everybody in the alliance is affected, this was in PVE, so would this be considered reportable if provided enough evidence that they used it this way?
  7. Just wondering, so I don't end up getting dev wiped over this.. is this allowed?
  8. where do I report a duping glitch?
  9. I think you should upload a video on the discussion used to make these changes so we don't think you guys are making these changes straight out of impulse.
  10. why the kibble rework? it was fine the way it was. wth everything else tho awesome!
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