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  1. I Could have swore i saw a part 3 in the season pass but people have been swearing up and down part 2 is the last DLC.. but for arguement sake, which ever one is actually the final and LAST DLC . . . Hey ARK Community , i have a suggestion for the very LAST and FINAL Boss on ARK . . . You know how PART 2 has a banner with a mutated Sabertooth that says " Your survival ends here! " . . . well what if . . . for like part 3 ( or whatever one is final final) . . the final boss . . part of the story where you wake up in the real world . . . to make it more realistic . . . since your i
  2. if that was a warning why did wildcard literally give me the OK to rebuild at the exact same location. 2. a warning shows up in tribe log as " ark enforcement " not " Auto decay " #whenuactlikeagmbutdontknowsh** Learn to read.
  3. " Abusing some game machines " -- what crafting a ceiling and placing it.. so abusing the game mechanics.
  4. Where was the warning? cause in the screenshot they said I could rebuild as long as its not in the limit , what they removed was not in the limit.. so how is that a warning? that makes no sense to say that's a warning but then give the ok to rebuild at the exact same spot, which of case I would have NEVER have known wildcard did it if I hadn't put a ticket in
  5. Also it seems to me wildcard doesn't even know how their build limit works cause I asked them directly if I was allowed to rebuild the parts that were removed, that were not in the server limits to begin with, and they shrug it off saying yea you can rebuild there just stay under the limits.. even tho as you can see in the video, the places that were removed were far away from the build limit. And as you can also see in the video even after the parts were removed, that area of which the build limit was actually in, was still over the limit!
  6. it would have been better if they had left a note that said don't build this big instead of spamming my tribe log with " auto decay " which is an indicator I CAN rebuild , theres no sign of " take a hint " in any autodecay spam. Oh did I mention the fact I can still rebuild my roof cause none of which was removed was in the limit?
  7. skip to 8:07 , already explained that ont he 1st page of this topic
  8. 1.cause it wasn't " Wiped " , they left the floor and outlines there, they practically just took my roof off. 2. I woulden't have even known wildcard did it if I hadn't put a ticket in because there was no warning at all just a bunch of " auto decay " spam in tribe log indicating I could just rebuild it. 3. they stated it was a " Rare case " 4. Get all ur information before u make such a judgemental statement
  9. that's the point tho, everything they wiped was far away from the build limit zone (which is partly the reason why im still over it (in that 1 area ) even after the wipes) -- They didn't even wipe it all , they left the outline intact like a big billboard saying " rebuild here! " was hovering right above it - the foundations and ceilings holding the platform was still there, so to rebuild all that was lost would only take 2-3k stone ceililngs to rebuild and about 100-200 large walls , which as u see in the vid and this ss below, none of any of that was in the build limit so i
  10. I've been at this build for over years (too long) now, I kinda wanna rebuild the base the way I had it, there was nowhere wildcard stated I coulden't and they did say it was a rare case.. I wanna finish what I started but the question is.. am I allowed to?? I mean they left the outline still incontact so all I really have to do is make ceililngs and walls and couple behemoth gates. Literally just removed this platform's roof off, the floor and outline walls are still there, so its like if im not allowed to re-build this what was the point in teasing me like this, and not just removing all
  11. Skip to 4:20 , I made the entire base you saw in the previous videos completely out of thatch first, infact in the previous videos the parts of the base u see in day 32 were still being held up by wooden pillars cause I was too lazy to convert them all to stone.
  12. easy fix imo a. decrease limit since you can build around like you see in 8:07 b. increase the radious of the bubble once u hit it to maybe 2 - 3 pillars instead of 1
  13. 1. Because nowhere in ark.gg/coc says im not allowed to nor anywhere on the forums besides maybe this one, but this one don't count if were talking before this post 2. that's obs lag , not game lag 3. what makes u think I don't know how to make a small efficient base? , that part was just judgemental
  14. Just to keep in mind I never got any warning in tribe log, tribe log was all " Auto decay " spam. Orginally I just thought they auto decayed and that made no sense to me for me to put the ticket in.. if I hadn't put that ticket in I would have kept the orginial thought process of " oh well I better start rebuilding again " , I would have never have known wildcard did it if I hadn't put the ticket in asking about it. keep that in mind. Feel free to add me on steam if yalls have further questions id be more than willing to awnser https://steamcommunity.com/id/rtcwspyro/
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