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  1. Just a likely untrue theory, but since every story ARK has multiple clones of themselves, maybe Valguero is a version of Aberration that wasn't destroyed by Diana and friends? I mean, in one of her first 10 Aberration notes, the surface TEK village is referenced as being near a "Canyon" - and Valguero just happens to have many canyons. Also, the fact that Diana and friends, before realizing Aberration was a space station, tried to escape using a jetpack suggests that they thought they had to clear some kind of land formation - like, say, the mountains that make up Valguero's barrier hologram.
  2. I'm assuming this is going to be exclusive to the island.
  3. The noob when he finishes his 1x1 thatch hut
  4. These memes perfectly describe the Overseer boss battle.
  5. So it was only yesterday that I FINALLY managed to collect all the explorer notes on Extinction! And with it, I think I've FINALLY managed to get some answers to some of the question I've been asking for some time, as well as some new ones. I just needed to view the full picture, I guess. First, OWW states in her second note that the Great City was "built by the hands of man under the guidance of something higher." She also mentions a "great cataclysm and the rise of my elders" in her 14th note. Does this have something to do with elements origin, discovery, and/or use?
  6. When you're exploring the island at night and see those small glowing yellow eyes...
  7. Entire ARK wikipedia page but it's google translated. Original article: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ark:_Survival_Evolved (Also, only the first 21 languages, including English, were used.) Send the watch Wikipedia. Jump: navigation, search Look at this dance Send the watch Arctic Support List of CDs Information: [News] printer targeted Jessica Ritchie Jeremy Sturts: generator: Military issue: Dave Lloyd: Higgs Senior Design Cax is sand Ireland type 4 Branch (platform) when Mi
  8. Who really is L Livingstone?! POSSIBLE ANSWER! So after looking carefully at some explorer notes and other small details, I think I've come a little closer to the meaning of L Livingstone. First, my sources: "We finally managed to get a terminal working, and well, this is it. I almost can't believe it, but I've finally found it! The mystery behind those stations, the whole reason we even exist, it's all right here! According to this, those space stations are deliberately designed bio-domes called "ARKs," and they're exactly what they sound like: lifeboats. Whatever happened
  9. Stuff I would add to ARK if I could. This is just a list of things I think would optimize ARK (IN ADDITION TO BUG FIXES). Most of it is just cutscenes and minor environment changes. I don't expect this to gain any popularity. Change the thumbnails and descriptions for Aberration and Extinction so as to not make them so plot-spoiling for new players. Loading screens for when map is loading, that vary depending on what map you are joining. The normal box art, beach, etc for Island, Desert themed-box art, Nosti, desert scenes, etc for SE, Aberration box art, portal, etc
  10. Today I joined a Ragnarok server that was at almost maximum players. I spawned in the NW jungle - or at least, what was left of it. The server had been running for 12,000 in-game days, so what had once been the frequently visited, blooming NW jungle was now nothing more than a massive prairie dotted with small metal structures. You could see the giant ruined mountain bridge from the SHORE it was so decimated. Despite this, there were STILL people running around, mingling. All the players A) were naked, and B) had contracted swamp fever and were spreading it to each other. While I was taking no
  11. "We finished marking the last of the graves a few hours ago. It was hard to say goodbye, but having recently died myself, I know that sitting here and crying my eyes out for a week straight won't help them. Hopefully they find peace within that void, or something better beyond it. Now it's just me, Mei-Yin and the long road ahead. Well, and the faceless presence that's guiding us down that road of course. I've already started to feel the tugs pulling me towards Arat Prime. Not sure what's waiting for us there, but with Mei by my side and a dangerous mission in front of us, I'm just going
  12. My thoughts on ATLAS: To all ATLAS players who think the current version of the game is trash: You all realize that it isn't easy making a video game, right? Think of it: First, you have to work on the map. Then, you have to work on the map's environment. Then the animals. The building mechanics. All the other mechanics the game has. The bosses. And of course, the literal THOUSANDS of players having to implement all of the above items. And all of that for ONE server. The current version of the game has 225 servers. So yeah, if you have to code all THAT, I'd i
  13. So what's next for ARK? There are a few loose ends in Extinctions that could get tied up in a future DLC. *Arat Prime *The shattered moon - it wasn't mentioned ONCE during all of ARK's explorer notes, indicating it must have broke between when Helena turned into a Homo Deus and when we arrived on the Island. *More info on "L Livingstone @ BIODIDAC" *More backstory on the city and the ARKs? Maybe the same backstory I just told? *And of course, the dark area with the Glowing purple obelisk. Also, tell me if these codes from the ascension code have any hidden me
  14. Earth's story Just a quick post on what we can assume happened to Earth prior to ARK based on the explorer notes and ascension code. In the (not-so) distant future, a large space rock hit the Earth. This MIGHT explain the massive crater on Earth visible from Aberration. When the rubble was being cleared, a miraculous discovery was made. The alien metals inside the rock had melted into a curious purple liquid upon entering Earth's atmosphere. Scientists studied the liquid and eventually were able to make a lightweight metal brimming with energy. This metal they had refined was a mirac
  15. All Explorer's backstories: Before we begin, I know what some of you might say: "But aren't the explorers memories fake?" Well, that subject is brought up, but never confirmed. It was one of the big mysteries surrounding Aberration and Extinction. It was brought up multiple times by Helena and Santiago. But the subject was usually dropped after a few notes. It was never confirmed. (Santiago mentions being able to recreate his device blueprints from memory, meaning that if their memories are fake, they were created with extreme attention to detail.) Also, these bios will be coming in order
  16. ARK's Meaning What I'm about to say here may sound weird, but having read 99% of the TOTAL explorer notes/dossiers, I think I've found that ARK has a philosophical meaning. That meaning is civilization and how it leads to corruption in society, and how it differs from evolution. First of all we have this recurring theme in ARK of cities being ruined. Mei-Yin remembers her home in China being attacked, Nerva had plans to build a city before he was killed, Nosti was destroyed, the tek village was attacked, the great city was attacked, and the ARKs have been known to hate cities since S
  17. One who has read some of the extinction notes might assume that Arat Prime is the facility that Helena and Diana visit on Extinction, the one containing the ARK's data servers. But in one of Diana's notes, AFTER she explored this facility, she mentions Arat Prime, but says it's on the other side of the planet. Also, we can assume that Arat Prime is indeed the facility that launched the ARKs. Having translated the ascension code, I propose that the URE realized the titans might attack Arat Prime, and so sent a message to them to "lock down", buying the staff inside Arat Prime time to launc
  18. Anthomnia also posted this video: So maybe we WILL see more of Rockwell?
  19. Never mind ? I thought all those "A7" and residence number was stuff was an error.
  20. Okay then, could you send me the missing pieces of text? You know, the *****'s that I wasn't able to translate? Thanks.
  21. Today I expanded my boundaries a little bit and have started making posts on the PUBG forums. If you want my thoughts on the lore of THAT game, or just want to see the result of me banging my head into a wall repeatedly over the lore of that game, here's the link: https://forums.playbattlegrounds.com/topic/316284-pubg-lore/?tab=comments#comment-1133495
  22. Extinction All Ascension Code Translated + Hidden Lore! So after 4 whole days, I've translated most of or all of the Ascension Code found in The Great City. I did it using a translator on the ARK Wiki ( https://ark.gamepedia.com/Ascension#ARK_Code ). These messages appear to not be personal, but messages to the city's military personnel. The varying colors of the messages doesn't seem to have any meaning. I will say this, though: the messages are only loosely translated. I don't think the translator is 100% accurate. Unless this is my own error. Regardless, some of these translations
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