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  1. Wow. I guess unlike creature teasers from other expansions, each Genesis teaser will have it's own mini-ARG attached to it. Here's the two new convos between Helena and The Visitor: -----BEGIN PGP SIGNED MESSAGE----- Hash: SHA256 [LOG_TRANSMIT] Requesting status report. [LOG_RECEIVE] Well, here's a preview: I'm faring better than the "patients." [LOG_TRANSMIT] That's not surprising. [LOG_TRANSMIT] I'll look forward to your terminal entry using validation code 129d6915-b24e-4dec-963a-08fbde6cc6d6 -----BEGIN PGP SIGNATURE----- Version: GnuPG v2 iQIcBAEBCAAGBQJdg
  2. Yeahhhhhh...so, I tried to translate the text on the right, and all I got was random gibberish. Not sure if it was a mistake on my part. Has anyone else gotten a weird translation of that bit of text?
  3. The filename for this teaser is "Mysterious_Transmission1", so I guess we'll most definitely get more teasers like this I the future. The code on the left says "Data Corruption detected", but I don't have enough time at the moment to translate the code on the right.
  4. The filename for this teaser is apparently "Mysterious_Transmission1", so I guess we'll most definitely get more teasers like this I the future. The code on the left says "Data Corruption detected", but I don't have enough time at the moment to translate the code on the right, so someone else will have to do that.
  5. Also, in case anyone's wondering, Cedric already said on twitter that a Scorched Earth ascension isn't gonna be a part of the update. What makes it worse is that he tried to excuse it by saying something like "spoilers they didn't even ascend in the story", and as "proof" quoted this single random line from one of Helena's SE notes that has absolutely NOTHING to do with an ascension, meanwhile I'm finding several other lines in the story that DO support the idea of an ascension. Part of the reason this all ticks me off is because Cedric treats the idea like it's "nonfunctional" and not worth t
  6. Doesn't the Sunken Forest on Extinction mean that that's already exists?
  7. I think I physically cringed reading this. What the heck is Cedric talking about? That note you referenced is NOT Helena's last SE note, that's her 29th out of 30. That excerpt from the note has literally NOTHING to do with an ascension. Ironically enough, Helena - in the same not you referenced, no less - does reference something related to an ascension - "The transporter that can take us back to the "control center" station is in the ruins of another city, south of the mountains. Wali believes that it was destroyed by the obelisks, just like the city in the southeast." She
  8. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BjTl38Izptg I was so caught up with the trailer and stuff I completely forgot about this until now. According to the comments on this video, the yellow text reads "Unexpected PSN data detected", while the blue text reads "Reflection array online"(no word on the blue spinning text : /). This seems to suggest that when the timer device primed, someone unexpectedly tried to send in another data packet through the communication line. I guess someone didn't want whatever was in this packet, hence why they brought the reflection array online to dive
  9. This is awesome that they're doing this with the QoL catalogue, it's a nice change from what they normally do! I kind of realized one of the things Wildcard was doing wrong - normally they just keep moving on from DLC to DLC to DLC, without really considering to go back and improve/rework the other maps and the mutiplayer, no matter how busted the community says they are. But now, I think this catalogue is a sign Wildcard will maybe start considering the community's suggestions on how to fix the game and make it better. Then, maybe after Genesis part 1 and 2, Wildcard will start doing stuff li
  10. I see ARK is currently updating on my console, hopefully it includes some new lines from HLN-A.
  11. By slowing down the footage at 0:42 in the trailer you can see that this strange device we've been seeing for the past week and a half is located in some kind of (untextured) open room filled with diagonal pillars and some white light. Given that the device is also shown at the title card at the end of the trailer, it's clear this device is going to play some major role in Genesis. HLN-A herself is, obviously, a fragment of Helena Walker, and if I had to guess, I'd say that the "fragmented" part was her "emotional" one, or rather, the parts that wouldn't exactly be necessary for the tasks of a
  12. Just saw the timer change again, wasn't expecting it to have a 7th phase. But I'm busy getting ready cuz I'm leaving to go on vacation in literally an hour or two, so if someone else could translate/interpret the new ascension code, that'd be great! I should be back in about 4 days.
  13. Tomorrow I'll be going on vacation for around 4 days, so since Ill be away from the computer I guess I won't get to see the ark dev stream or the end of the countdown Hence, today I want to do a quick recap of every message and event that's happened so far, as well as a recap on my thoughts/theory as what's going on with this timer. Since this is my last chance to reflect and all. Here are the messages: "G" Timer: This is not ark 2 Init AP uplink AP secure connection Decrypting incoming datastream Verify UID fingerprint 724EA9458ED40FBF Command elevatio
  14. Just found out that the mysterious forum user has created another cryptic forum: I'm guessing this is Person A/Helena trying to integrate her genetic programming changes cryptically? Also, the file name of the gene photo attached to the original post on that forum is "out.jpeg". Some sort of clue?
  15. So remember this photo? - Well, when I was saving it to my computer, it's file name appeared as "ava.thumb.jpg.9d83aaaf345201f30e997c7b26c7d05e". Who the heck is Ava? Does this have something to do with the countdown?
  16. "Verifying Simulation Stability". I think those weird images of different lands prove that this is some sort of portal or ARK viewing device. Also notice how the different locations shown are green, blue, and red, the same colors flashing around the timer as well as the colors of the obelisks. The emblems flashing around look like a skull and crossbones, a snowflake, and then what looks like a flame or some corruption and then a candle. Do these emblems have to do with the titans, the bosses, the ARKs, or what? Also, the newest edition of the community crunch is called "The Visitor" :0
  17. ( https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=koANO557eT4 ) Can't tell, the glare bouncing off the edge of the tek hole behind it is blocking most of it : /
  18. Just came up with this: if what I said earlier about Helena probably being the "Specimen Guardian" mentioned in this video update were right, would that mean she's ALSO the "Specimen" referred to in the last video update ("Specimen Viability: 52%")? OWW does mention being weak in her 10th Extinction note, hence, if I were right about her being the "specimen", the reason her viability, or ability to do work, would be at 52%
  19. I suppose it's possible. Then again, I think ANYTHING is possible at this point.
  20. Given that the text rotating around the beam is mirror-inverted at it's clearest point ("D" symbol is an indicator), you would actually have to read the translated words in the reverse order if you wanted to get the original/correct phrase, making it "Specimen Guardian Subsystem", not "Subsystem Guardian Specimen"
  21. Video updated again, now everything's red and some of the holograms changed, here's my translations of the ascension code now, starting on the pillar in front of the camera and moving right across (I know JasonTheCTM just did this already but I already had these translations down and didn't want to not include them, I've been working on this all day ): AP Secure Connection Specimen Simulation Mode: Cooperative Specimen Maintenance Protocol: Updated Host System Directive: Updated Resolution Schema: Updated AP Secure Connection Change Authorization 724EA9458E
  22. That's one of the harder questions. In the hall of history, just before the Overseer Arena, you can see the drops being, well, dropped into the map from the ceiling. The thing is, there's no mention of the drops at any point during ANY of the explorer notes. This leads me to two possibilities: 1. The drops were always a part of the ARKs, but were just never mentioned in the explorer notes (VERY unlikely). 2. The drops were implemented by The One Who Waits to help us on our journey to eventually defeat the corruption. As for the orbital supply drops on Extinction, well, those cou
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