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  1. As it turns out, the flying gasbag in the background of Extinction Teaser Image #4 might not have been a glitch.
  2. "Everything is finite, if your vision is long enough. Planets, species, even this universe we occupy. All of it has a limit. An end. You are approaching one right now. Don't think of it as sand falling to the bottom of an hourglass, but the hourglass fading away completely. It can't be flipped around or reconstructed. It's irreversible. Permanent. If you want to stop it, you need to hurry. That's not to belittle you. You've been doing great, really! All of you. Most of you. The ones getting eaten alive right now could be better, objectively speaking. The rest though? Great! You’ve advanc
  3. "Hello! I'm so glad that I can speak to you! I've been waiting and waiting, always waiting for something, but now I can wait for one less thing. That is to say, you - you're the thing. Yes, I mean you, you specifically. You're the one I'm talking to, and I don't mean that in a general sense. These thoughts aren't a guess, I didn't just let them float out into the world hoping they would find someone. They are calculated. Exact. You are not the only one who will hear them, but all who do are meant to. These words are for you and all your kin, those who awoke upon an island in the sky.
  4. "Of all the abnormalities that I've observed, the tamed Megalodons stick out to me. It was almost like they were stray dogs who were resocialized, as though they had a genetic history of human obedience. Most of my observations have been in the wild, but I think I may learn a thing or two if I observe domesticated creatures more closely. I need to study their diets, their mating patterns, how they socialize with other species... all that. Rumor has it that there's some woman that's tamed a whole mess of them all by herself, so many that they call her The Beast Queen of the Jungle. Maybe
  5. "I am absolutely astonished! Shocked! Flabbergasted! Why in the world was Miss Walker investigating the obelisks at the side of such a savage woman, and without notifying me first? Was she intending to discover their secrets behind my back and keep them all to herself? The nerve! The audacity! And after I treated her with such respect and civility! Well, unfortunately for her, Sir Edmund Rockwell is always one step ahead of his rivals. Thanks to my partnership with Mister Nerva, I can combine what scraps of knowledge she has on the obelisks with my own findings, and she'll be none the wi
  6. "A woman named Helena arrived at my camp yesterday, though not to hire me. She said that she was a scholar studying the creatures on this island, and that she wanted to observe my beasts. I turned her away at first, not trusting her intentions. How could I? What mad fool would bother with scholarly pursuits in a place like this? Yet she persisted, and in time I was convinced of her honesty. I don't know if I made the right decision. Helena is constantly asking strange questions. Why does she need to know so much about my beasts' feces and mating behavior? What a bizarre person." Mei-Yin Not
  7. "Training grew easier once my charges began to see the results. In fact, they've found such a wellspring of enthusiasm that their drills and chores alone cannot contain it. This morning, I found a flag flying above the armory. It was the symbol of the Imperial Legion, but with one of the island's flying lizards replacing the eagle and words in a foreign language replacing SPQR. I'm told they say "The New Legion." I admit, I smiled at the sight. Very well then. It's time to find out if I've created true Legionnaires. We march at dawn. Gaius Marcellus Nerva Victory through discipline
  8. "Names are a curious thing. We assign them great weight, yet they do not change the substance of the person, place, or thing they belong to. I suppose that line of thinking is why I never dwelled on the name of our humble village. Yet now that it has grown to become somewhat less humble our home can go nameless no longer. People must call it something. [Right Pane] To that end Nosti is as good a name as any. I am told that it means 'to know' in some old important language, and whatever our citizens intended that to symbolize when they chose it I know this: while we are here, we are under t
  9. "I can’t believe how easy this was. There weren’t many guards here to begin with, and the few they’ve got are more likely to shoot you a smile than a bullet. We just walked right in. The settlement is even bigger than we expected. It’s impressive, protection aside. Everyone working together to build their own little paradise, not that it’ll last. If you ask them, they’ll credit their leader, a woman called Raia. The others have spread out to find where the supplies are stored, but I’m feeling curious. Maybe I’ll go find this mystery woman. Might be interesting." - Dahkeya Note 3
  10. "Months of planning, a squad of guys armed to the teeth and the biggest homemade bomb you've ever seen...and we still weren't prepared. How could we be? I don't think anyone could have been ready for that insane, shapeshifting whatever-it-was. It attacked us as soon as we carted the package to the center of the platform. We were getting taken out so fast that we just set the bomb on a short fuse and made a break for it. Less than half of us managed to dive off of the platform in time, and I could feel the heat of the explosion as I fell. If I hadn't stabilized Santiago on the way down, h
  11. "Not too long ago, I thought this place was a far off utopia where I could study all the world's lost wonders. Now that I'm certain it's not natural at all, I have to say, it's lost a lot of luster. Interference from mankind hasn't helped. Most tribes have learned to live in harmony with their slice of the island, but some aren't content with that. One is even trying to conquer all the others, and natural or not, this ecosystem won't be any better off if it's burned down in some great war. The sunrises are still beautiful, though. At least nothing can change that." - Helena Note #14 on T
  12. "I have always tried to maintain a strict neutrality when it comes to tribal matters, but then again, I have never had an offer this tempting from someone as respectable as Mister Nerva. Not only has he offered to provide me with test subjects, but he has also expressed a mutual interest in investigating the obelisks. All he asks from me is that I provide him with "reliable council." I would trust few tribes to be able to make good on such promises, but Mister Nerva's New Legion is perhaps the most powerful tribe on the island. Indeed, if they maintain their current trajectory, they may be
  13. "Defending my hometown during the uprising taught me more in months than I learned in all the years before it. Among those lessons - men will always underestimate women in battle, and humans can be crueler than any animal. Both applied today. The footprints I found were not from one man, but three. Their eyes changed when they saw me, like wolves discovering a lamb. They were wrong. They were merely mutts. I was the wolf. Two died to arrows after ignoring my warnings. The last to my spear. I left their bodies out in the wild. I cannot stay here. The beaches are too open. To survive, I mu
  14. "I am reminded of my first command in Dacia. Many men questioned my rank, wondering why they had to follow a Centurion so young. It took time to earn their trust, but it was necessary. I could not have even a single soldier questioning me in battle, lest our discipline fail. Without discipline, our century's formation would crumble, and the legion would be exposed. It is the same here. These ragged men and women will not become a unit overnight, but I am patient and more experienced than I was in Dacia. I may be far from the Rome, but I know this for certain - this island will know its migh
  15. "It took longer than I'd hope but I believe the gods have heard my prayers. At least I believe so. When I imagined what a true warrior might be like I cannot say that I imagined Captain Dahkeya. [Middle Pane] He speaks tersely, has no sense of decorum and in general is rather prickly. He was nigh unapproachable for a whole day when we decided his position should be called captain instead of the nonsense word he proposed. [Right Pane] Yet he has been getting results or so I am told. When I find time I ought to observe him in action myself." - Raia Note 5
  16. "Sometimes the pennies a man won’t part with willingly are worth less than the words he’ll share with any stranger. Some of my new partners don’t see that. Blondie’s particularly blind to it. He’s always looking for an excuse to pull the trigger, and he’s stubborn as hell. He even still gets mad we call him Blondie, as if any of us can pronounce that name of his. But if Blondie were calling the shots, that hunter wouldn’t have told us about the group gathering to the southeast, and they’ll have a lot more for the taking than animal hides." -Dahkeya note 2
  17. "We've finally found our target. Apparently those three obelisks on the horizon are attached to some crazy teleportation tech, and each one is linked to a fourth signal high above us. Whatever's up there is what we need to take out. Santiago says he can get us there by bypassing the security on one of the obelisk's platforms. Trouble is, we don't know what'll be waiting for us, and not everyone here's combat ready. So we're going to take the diplomatic approach and make our mysterious hosts a present. The leaders don't want to risk spoiling the surprise, so we're discretely building i
  18. "I’ve lost count of how many sunrises I’ve seen since I arrived on this island. Hundreds, I’d imagine, yet each one seems more beautiful than the last. Sometimes, I like to take Athena out just before dawn and watch it while flying through the morning sky. It’s in these simple moments that I realize just how lucky I am. Not that I was unhappy exploring the reefs and rainforests back, in Oz, but I wasn’t ever going to spot a Bronto stomping about the outback, was I? Since I got here, I’ve had the opportunity to study creatures that no other biologist has even witnessed. I’ll always be gratef
  19. "Greetings and salutations dear reader! If these words are gracing your eyes, then you have had the good fortune to find the journal of Sir Edmund Rockwell, stupendous scholar, gallant gentleman and explorer extraordinaire. It also means that it’s entirely possible that I’ve met some unseemly end on this fascinating but exceedingly dangerous island that I call home. I suppose you could have also stolen it or I could have misplaced it in which case please proceed to either hang your head in shame or return it to me at once. Whichever is appropriate. Regards, Sir Edmund Rockwell" - Rockw
  20. "Where am I? How did I arrive? I have asked these questions many times since I awoke on this foreign shore, but I must stop. They do not matter. Their answers will not save me, so I will focus on a different question - how can I survive? This question always has an answer, though it is ever changing, and it has helped me find resolve in moments of uncertainty or fear. Just days ago, I never thought I'd fear again. I thought my fear died with the Yellow Turbans. Yet when I see a great lizard turn its eyes on me, I know fear is exactly what I feel." - Mei-Yin Note #1 on The Island
  21. "It is the chaos of this land that is truly disturbing to me, even more than its most titanic and vicious beasts. Animals are meant to be savage. Even when tamed, they are not truly civilized, but man? Man is supposed to be above the animal, yet the people here live in squalor and fight viciously over scraps like stray dogs. I have convinced some of them to band together under my leadership, and together, we have found safety and order. Unfortunately, they are untrained and lack cohesion. I'll have to fix that. Gaius Marcellus Nerva Victory through discipline" - Nerva Note 1
  22. "Even at this distance the great Obelisk is beautiful. It is like a pillar of Amun-Ra's light given solid form. I wish we could have made our camp right beside it but the others thought that might draw unwanted attention. At least we are close enough to be in its shadow and drink from the river that runs beneath it. [Right Pane] I always face it when I pray to Hathor and though i can feel the scepticism in my companions' gazes, my faith is unshaken, for it was my faith that guided us here to this place rich with water and resources. All agree it is the ideal location for a settlement. Wher
  23. "Old habits die hard. I suppose I'm living proof. I woke up stark naked who knows where with who knows what lodged in my arm, but just weeks later and I’m already back to robbing folks at gunpoint. This place may not be Texas or the Arizona Territory, but I’m the same John Dahkeya. I don’t know why that makes me restless. I didn’t mind this life before, but then I didn’t exactly choose it. I just stumbled into it, or at least that’s what I told myself. So much for that. Maybe this is just who I am." - Dahkeya Note 1
  24. "You know, this whole "staving off the ever looming spectre of despair" thing would be a lot easier without all the dinosaurs. Did I not mention those? I should have mentioned those. Anyway, turns out that raptor attacks aren't so great for morale. True story. At least the weather's holding up. We've had clear skies for three days now. It was a good idea to start giving people callsigns, too. Getting a new callsign from my squadron always made me feel closer to them, whatever it was. Hopefully it works with this bunch. The newbie suggested Rubberneck for me, since I keep looking at the s
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