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  1. ATTENTION! PLEASE READ THIS MESSAGE!!! I am looking for advanced Xbox server tribes that are going to reach Alpha endgame levels. I am desperate for an Alpha ascension so I can access Extinction when it finally drops. If anyone is interested in recruiting me, leave the name of the server below.
  2. Extinction Predictions!!! (Part 2 of 2, OWW's identity, Extinction lore theory, and more!) Now that we've covered the factual evidence, let's talk about how everything we've learned culminates in Extinction. This post will be more disorganized than my others, but let's begin anyways. The best place to start will be with One Who Waits. So, who or what exactly is it? As far as I can tell, OWW is the long awaited Homo Deus ("Man - God" in Latin). We know this because of this line from her notes: "When I say "you must fix it" I mean "only you can fix it." Not me. Not the Syste
  3. Extinction Predictions!!! (Part one of two!) Well, it's happened. The final extinction chronicles has dropped, and extinction is only 3 weeks away at the time of writing this. And I have to say... Horizon: Zero Dawn 2 looks pretty good. Joking aside, words can not fathom how ECSTATIC I AM FOR THIS EXPANSION!!! I mean, I'm literally having dreams about waking up, getting on ARK, and playing Extinction. Then, when I actually wake up and get on ARK, I'm confused as to why Extinction isn't there. I'm going to do this in two parts. This part will be an analysis of the tr
  4. Atlas Trailer Breakdown A few months ago, a video game trailer presenting an ARK - like game was uploaded to the Ark:Survival Evolved Youtube channel (https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCEYfsfyne69mFfNTcZeZ6gw), before being promptly taken down. But NOT before other youtubers reuploaded the video. That's how you can see it here for reference: Apparently, the description of the original video titled the game's creator as Snail Games, the same company that made ARK Park. Many people are saying this will either be a standalone game or an ARK 2.0. That's why I'm going to do a bre
  5. What IS element? From what we can tell, element is first formed in an ore or in molten rivers. The element is then mined and when combined with gems, charge, and gas balls, makes the refined material used in tek. Being strong isn't it's only function, though. As Helena says on Aberration when they reach the station's center: "The architecture here is similar to that of the control center I encountered before - a jagged cavern of metal, lit by an unearthly blue glow. There's a constant hum all around us, likely from the power being sent to all areas of the station." - Helena
  6. ARK Park, The Ultimate Lore Exposed? I've been waiting for the right time to post this theory, and since we finished covering the ARK stations, here it is! Since I first saw gameplay videos and trailers of ARK Park, it was always nagging me... "How The the heck does this thing exist?!" Then when I was gathering the Aberration explorer notes, I found it...Skye's note. Skye was one of the graduate students, a set of characters I chose to leave out of my Aberration lore post for one simple reason: they contributed absolutely nothing to the main lore of Aberration. Skye's
  7. Thanks for all the support guys! After looking at the ARKs origins and facts, let's look at their purpose. After reviewing the facts, we can conclude that the ARKs are landmass stations built by futuristic humans, and serve as observation facilities where an advanced AI runs experiments on prehistoric creatures and genetically recreated humans using genetic mutation. Given that the planet is in ruins, I think it's safe to say that their end goal is to see which subjects would be best for saving the planet, humans AND creatures, since that would explain how we see them in the teaser imag
  8. The ARK Stations, everything there is to know. Now that we have a possible explanation as to the ARK's origins, let's discuss the facts we know about the ARKs themselves. I got most of this info from Helena's notes and the captions of Diana's notes (By captions I mean the bits of text next to scans of the environment). Each ARK is a landmass station made up of three components, Organic, Mechanized, and Digitized. ORGANIC: Environment: Each ARK is built at an unknown altitude and, as Helena mentions in her 2nd Note on the Island, is built so that it has no ax
  9. I've heard a lot about the planet and the "Asteroid" orbiting it. Well here's the thing... Since Wildcard repeatedly refers to the planet as Earth, then it would make more sense if that hunk of rock is actually the MOON. It becomes particularly obvious from the window of the overseer arena or better yet, an extinction mode server. Here's an image from one of those said servers: Now, I don't know about you, but that large piece off to the left looks awfully similar to a rounded side of the moon, right down to the color and shape. And the rest of it looks like it could have fit to
  10. ARK: Aberration lore explained. So lets start where the ARK lore seems to be the most confused-Aberration. Here I'll show how Rockwell didn't destroy the ARK and more. The first explorer to arrive on aberration was Diana and her squad mates from the United Republics of Earth (URE) a futuristic organization from an undisclosed future date. After setting up a camp on the surface (this was before it was destroyed) they're able to create some working tek armor and jet pack, which they give to Diana to fly off and find help. However, Diana collides with the barrier surrounding the ARK. Af
  11. Over the past year, I've been slowly gathering the explorer notes.In case you don't know, explorer notes are little collectibles you find across all three story ARKs. Recently, I completed finding all of them. That's over 500 explorer notes! Almost half of which are dossiers. If you want the coordinates so you can find them yourself, or if you want to read them, here's a link to their page on the ARK wiki. https://ark.gamepedia.com/Explorer_Notes
  12. This is something I'll just be doing as a side project in the weeks leading up to Extinction covering lore elements of ARK. Specifically, the ARKs themselves, who -or what- made them, and what the future may hold for the survivors. I'll be referring to the Explorer Notes and analyzing them in-depth for info.
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