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  1. We did finally get out. Reatarted the dungeon. Then the wall that opens and shuts letting you into the fire room slammed down on me and trapped me into a glitch. Not a fan of this dungeon lol.
  2. Oh it is all done in great fun. So the room wound up being a trap room. I had to die for us to escape.
  3. Thanka for enjoying my commentary lol. I only use the mining helmet when i swim underwater. And I just came from a long underwater tunnel and just never unequipped it. It isnt the maze room. That is the first room you go to when entering the cave. Guess it is the sacrificial room. I will talk to the boyfriend and we will sacrifice one of the Dimorphodons we brought (hilariously named sacrifice and atonement!) Thanks for your comment. Hopefully sacrificing one of the dinos and then murdering him shall get us free! I shall update you.
  4. So I will be attaching a small youtube video link I uploaded showing exactly what I was talking about. Boyfriend and I have been trapped in this room for over 24 hours. We are frustrated. Dont want to restart. We really need help. Searching for artifact of the Skylord. Spike floor room after the underwater tunnel. Door shut behind us and wont open. Two buttons. Button clicks and makes a timer sound but I can't figure out what i am supposed to do. Please forgive my not steady hand. Was using my cell phone to record this while attempting to play one handed. Not my strong suit lol
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