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  1. Would like to point out the slight proofreading error, Monday is October 1st, along with the beginning of the digest being a copy of last month, not that these are enormous issues, but they do say something about the ones writing the post. I get it, if someone is doing something late at night or on low sleep, or even massive stress, these things can happen, but a proofreader can be a lifesaver. That's all for my rant there, I do enjoy the game and play on a regular basis I feel as if there is something missing at times. I look forward to Extinction and am quite excited for it, but I do rather agree with some things such as why were only 6 questions answered when they could have easily done at least 10, or the fact that at least one of them wasn't answered completely, they neglected the second part of one post. Regardless of what WC is thinking or doing, I do enjoy the game and probably will continue to play.
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