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  1. Phase pistol stun + dodorex = crash
  2. There are "hacks" to cluster servers together with the windows 10 version of ark, i use my desktop to host one server and my laptop to host another both are set up so that we can transfer between them. There is also a hack to host multiple windows 10 servers on the same PC however i wouldn't recommend it unless you have very good hardware. Player dedicated servers are much more demanding than normal servers due to how they work (the host is actually loaded into the game), it's a shame that the tool to host a server normally is private to nitrado...
  3. Hey, it's actually working fine we're just not getting the admin manager on start up like we used to (music is annoying though). Once you get the black screen just press 'tab' and type 'showmyadminmanager' and hit enter to get your server information and stuff. On xbox press start to open the menu and press 'lb + rb + back' and do the same.
  4. Hey, sorry don't come on here often... hope you got it working! In case you haven't, i still use syncark and it should be working. Make sure you're using the latest version (1.3.0) and that your properties file is correct. If you start syncark using command prompt then you should be able to see what the error is and work from there. Remember you need to start your player dedicated servers on each map that you want it to work for before starting syncark so that it's able to map files correctly. Even if you don't want a new map save, once you start syncark with the "download" option set to
  5. Do you have multiple numbers and letters folders? The program may be looking at the wrong directory.
  6. I think you've skipped a step, make sure to host a player dedicated instance on each map that you want to synchronize then run SyncArk. If you have no local map files to synchronize then it won't work, you need at least one.
  7. Map sync is for if you constantly switch maps on your servers, for instance say you run valguero on server 1 then switch to ragnarok and then you want server 2 to switch to valguero it wont be the same save as server 1 if you have map sync off. So essentially map files wont be synchronized between your servers. IF however you want to run several servers with the same map, say two servers running genesis then you should definitely turn map sync off!
  8. Since it's been two months, I'm sure you've figured it out.. however just in case, check that you have the setting "Hidden items" enabled in the 'View' settings for file explorer!
  9. Hey, once you have your cluster setup you need to make sure to set "task.download" to 'false' otherwise when the arksync program is restarted it will overwrite your local files with the cloud files (download), hence why you're being rolled back! This setting is for synchronization, once disabled the cloud map files should not be updated, however if you still have "task.download" set to 'true' then your local files will be overwritten. Sorry, I haven't really worked on this or used the ark forums for a LONG time. The program should work fine once you have all your permissions and
  10. Noticed an issue where ark characters are being deleted, I'd suggest disabling the character synchronisation until this is fixed in the next version!
  11. Version 1.3.0 available, featuring support for genesis and all future maps + hourly/daily local file backups. Backups are enabled by default and should save to your user directory, to disable backups or change any backup settings see the new properties file. Refer to installation steps for version 1.2.0. If upgrading delete C:\Program Files\ArkSync and extract the new ArkSync folder to C:\Program Files and you should be good to go! Bare in mind any properties which you had previously set you will have to set again for 1.3.0.
  12. Ways which would prevent the download from happening: 1. It is disabled in properties 2. It performs an install instead (this happens if your dropbox doesn't contain a syncark folder already) 3. Local folder structure for maps don't exist i.e. you haven't run a player dedicated server instance on each map (this would stop syncark)
  13. I think studiowildcard.4558480580bb9 is the same as mine.. Delete this one: studiowildcard.17716c21e3d1f That'll be the one syncark is using which will be the wrong one.
  14. Ahh several randomletterandnumbers folders would cause issues, I'm assuming that now one of these folders are redundant now that you have the season pass. You have two options: 1. Remove the folder which the game doesn't save to 2. Set the local directory in the syncark properties file to the directory which the game saves to i.e. loc.local=C:\\Users\\yourusername\\AppData\\Local\\Packages\\StudioWildcard.NUMBERSANDLETTERS
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