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  1. 20 hours ago, ciabattaroll said:

    Yeah, how dare the playstation get exclusive skins like the bionic giga that the pc players can get if they slog through SOTF, or the manticore costue set, 3 parts of which are available on all platforms via defeating the manticore! That's all totally super exclusive and rude to other consoles like the Xbox who only gets the bionic Rex skin that isn't even obtainable on any other platform! Let's riot!

    I'm not saying we should riot. I just feel that its a rising trend that companies make more exclusive content for PS4 in the past few years. Skins,missions,or weapons etc. 

  2. Seriously though... why does every multiplatform game seem to always give PS all the exclusive content? 


    As I read previous posts I stumbled across Jat's post about them being time locked...

    I don't mind waiting but it seems to be a trend that game companies are favoring the PS platform with all these exclusives. 

  3. 6 hours ago, UnvaluedMammal said:

    i do like the idea of this creature. but in all honesty it will just add on to the trolling problem, with this they can just sit in the air with a basic rifle and shoot all our animals without even trying. while i like his creature i'm afraid this will do more harm than good.

    Or you could shoot back? Maybe toss a bola and knock the rider off? if they are high enough and you have people with guns shoot the flyer and try to kill it in the process killing the dino and your attackers... from the description they seem to lack constitution.

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