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  1. The problem manifests itself precisely at the moment when player logoff And dino can continue to move up to 15 minutes after that
  2. Lost argent today he walk some where and decay =_= Lots of lost flying dinos becouse of walking bug on map and no fix for that....
  3. Check server in full list !!! some moved to new ip and not avaible from Favorite, battlemetrics say that servers is in "dead status" but they working now on new ip !!!
  4. And if there is no reaction on reports for 4 days so what's now?
  5. EU-PVE-Official-TheIsland346 Offline Since 04/12/2020 an it's aleady 04/14 for me..... 2 days rip nice
  6. Spent an hour to find wyv =_= This bug appeared right after genesis update... All walking dino move to one point
  7. EU-PVE-Official-TheIsland346 -127700 283995 -16351 -42.54 -15.30
  8. Then why is this problem only for other languages ?
  9. Yeah this bug from the moment they were added, and it seems that they’re not going to fix it
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