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  1. that happend me today to but when i walked around my base for some minutes it got to normal again
  2. breed the male with 808 dmg with clean non mutated females and you can get more mutations
  3. how can i get access to the trading forum i dont see any inofrmation about it anywhere
  4. is it possible to throw out a cryoed giga in the tek cave?
  5. yes i Think so but the new character you made will be overwritten by the old one
  6. how should you be able to transfer characters between games?
  7. i Think thyla they have good weight are fast to move around with and does alot of damage
  8. with good saddles and yuti you should be good you can also bring cakes for the theriz
  9. but then it will take longer to spoil the meat for narcotics
  10. i Think ragnarok is the best one
  11. no i have had this problem to but they can grind the stuff for you or you have to make your own grinder
  12. i Think the best would be to move base location if you dont want to play unofficial
  13. sometimes when i update the game that happens to me but i just wait and then after some time it starts to download again
  14. do anyone sell a Place to alpha tek Cave on official pve?
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