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  1. Primitive plus has been broken since extinction release in ps4. Still no supply drops, artifact, or wyvern eggs on ragnarok.
  2. Go to the king titan terminal. You can drop a delivery crate near it and there are no wild Dino’s.
  3. If they even think about making a sequel before having the first game cleared of bugs and playable, then they will burn a lot of their player base.
  4. 1. Make it so players can turn their Dino into something similar to the players arm chip. That way they can store unused Dino’s and free up server space. 2. What event is planned for Halloween?? 3. Give us the damn option to turn off the sun glare/bloom on PS4.
  5. I did not know that! Thank you! This will be a decent change in game play until they actually fix it. -Edit: Tested every one of the performance commands as shown on several youtube videos, these are not currently working on ps4.
  6. Why do we still not have a way to turn down(off) bloom in ps4 official? This is such an aggravating feature and it is a very simple fix. Please get it over with already. Thank you in advance.
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