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  1. We need to add a way to change your characters appearance and name. I think the best way to do this is to add a tek structure to the game called a tek tank or tek chamber ect. So basically it is a big tube your player would enter and be suspended in fluid. (I've attached images so you get the picture of what im saying) So the idea is you craft this item and then it requires to be connected to a water source, generator power, element, and specimen implants from at least 5 different survivors. Ill explain: 1.Water source- needs water to fill the tube of course 2.Generator- has electrical parts of course 3.Element- the idea is the water will mix with the element and produce a blue liquid that fills the tank 4.Specimen Implants- The idea of this is that you would use "DNA DATA" from these implants to restructure your own DNA and thus have a different appearance and also would finally give the specimen implants a purpose and value. So how would the mechanic of the item work exactly? After placing the required element and implants into the inventory of the tank your player would enter it and it would fill with the water/element fluid. After this your player should be required to stay suspended in the tank for a set amount of time. There should be a timer you can see. During this time you cannot leave the tank at all or you will forfeit the operation. Once the timer runs out there should be a "hit E to change appearance" option that replaces the timer. Then once hitting E you should be taken to the character customization menu that we all get when creating a new character. While suspended in the tank your player should also get the XP buff and health regen effects that you get from the tek sleeping pod. It should go without saying but if you are raided while you are in the tank and the tank is destroyed the player dies and loses the chance of the appearance morph. All values on the amount of time required to be in the tank, how much element and implants required, crafting materials, ect would be left up to the developer to decide for game balancing. Also, I imagine this item would require some water and player body animations and poses for it to look good. So yeah thats my idea for appearance and name changes in a lore friendly way somewhat.
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