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  1. Hello Recently I was in the process of switching ISPs so I had to use my phone's mobile hotspot for internet. However, when logging onto Ark and trying to load the server list only very few servers would load and none of them were the servers I played on. Sometimes only 50 servers would load, I would exit the game then try again and maybe 100 or so would show up.After more attempts no more then 400 something would show up and still none of them were my servers. I was quite frustrated and couldn't understand why this was happening. Of course I assumed it had something to do
  2. We need to add a way to change your characters appearance and name. I think the best way to do this is to add a tek structure to the game called a tek tank or tek chamber ect. So basically it is a big tube your player would enter and be suspended in fluid. (I've attached images so you get the picture of what im saying) So the idea is you craft this item and then it requires to be connected to a water source, generator power, element, and specimen implants from at least 5 different survivors. Ill explain: 1.Water source- needs water to fill the tube of cou
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