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  1. https://youtu.be/PeLrlJXZ0SQ Hi Peeps this my Submission for Arkitect !
  2. LEETHEG666

    Why nobody plays PGM

    Pgm have been good fun and i have had some amazing results ,i have not had many issues to be fair and a lot of issues people mention are resource or dino issues to really make them work yes biomes have got to be included ,but along with swamps, waterfalls and cave system and a form of drag and drop object interface , rocks ,trees ,vines ect that alone would improve the concept ,or is this just another Ark project left to rot when instead it could be amazing ??
  3. LEETHEG666

    Submission to Arkitect Eco City

    no capture card im afraid peeps and server issues has stopped me makin new vid but heres a short vid with a little walk thou THIS VID WAS MADE AT 80% complete at time of vid pics show more !
  4. LEETHEG666

    Submission to Arkitect Eco City

    A living city with homes , shops ,markets, Zoos , Gardens and Taverns ,Stables ,Roads , Town Hall ,Lagoons and more this Eco Mods City. This was all grind no codes!
  5. LEETHEG666

    Mysterious Mysteries Unravelled!

    Desert canyon biome nice
  6. LEETHEG666

    Submission to Arkitect "Neo Tree Village

    This is my neo tree village its a very large multi layer build with all the things you need like dorms,landing area ,roof top garden , bar, watch tower with automated guns ,work shop ,mass storage ,a lift with moving disco lights,forest floor entry building, community areas, flying dino rooftop pens small and large ,10 mini apartments ready for occupation, 6 fully connected platforms a lift room ,Hunters lodge village and Hunters dorms plus many many more rooms and corridors. And at night this whole village is lit up with torches and hidden and visible artifacts to create the different light effects .☺
  7. LEETHEG666

    Redwood Rivertown XBOX ONE

    You start in small fishing village where you find a built up area of about 20 or so log huts and a hall in the center with tight walk ways that snake down the side of the river you come to a small dock were take a very short ride by raft to the Giant gates in the middle of the river, this is Rivertown. A large town that sits the banks of the Redwood forest which holds a large dock ,15 - 20 homes, full work shop split over 4 levels were each level has a different function.Theres also a large community greenhouse and dam that has a crossing to the town.Everything is fully powered with lights and electric were needed. AND YES ITS ALL ONE BUILD LOL http://xboxdvr.com/gamer/LEETHEG666/video/18795076
  8. LEETHEG666

    Sky Cliff Base (Center) ARKitect

    My very first submission for ARKitect! A high rise base with good entry built in to the cliff side with multiple levels all with full entry from top to bottom. A built in landing platform for flying dinos along with a dino gate to keep out pests and raiders. And built in greenhouses for plant growth and all round vision. This would make a great defensive position when fitted with turrets and is also great for recon and fly attacks. This is all done on Xbox One Enjoy :-) GT:LEETHEG666
  9. LEETHEG666

    Dino Stadium Arkitect challege

    pvp dino stadium