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  1. That is because that is the entrance to Vals Abberation which is a no flyer zone you will need to whistle your petrodon to follow you and then mount it once you’re a good decent distance away
  2. How about adding all 10 to the map would be super awesome to have some more original stuff …. If not I’m for the bison if it gets all the abilities listed because it seems the most thought out and useful…. I mean we have plenty gigas for meat runs….
  3. I purchased a 35 k hexagram loot crate post Easter update on 4/7/2020 after reading that the loot has been improved and all I got was some Raw Prime meat a master craft ghillie top, 10 Rare mushrooms,a green Afro hair style, 10 propellant, and 20 oil, 5 element dust, a gas grenade and 10 Gas balls and what ever that green thing is....I am on PVE and get better from doing one mission on Beta or Alpha from the doed race DO NOT waste your hexagrams use them for cyropods or materials or you will kick yourself later
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