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  1. It said it will receive full content which should include DLCS
  2. an easy trap for them which you can also use for mosas is 4-5 stone behemoth gate placed with about a foundation of space between them, then put gates on the two outside ones. Have 1 open and guide the Plessy through and swim around and close the door. then tame normally.
  3. getting a mutated argy. Just need the main color region and I am done with my mega pidgeon
  4. my unmutated melee stat from my 150 argy perfect tame is 441 that is pretty much where all the points went when I tamed mine
  5. I am kinda new to mutations. I have a pen for my argys to collect eggs and have about 60 so far they are all the same level and same stats. What number of eggs should I get before I start hatching? I am not trying to get Insane stats the non-mutated stats are already pretty good I just want to get a really cool looking one.
  6. Do you have any recommendations on a way to get mutations, or to be able to breed efficiently?
  7. I travel a lot so I play single player so I can get things done at my own pace, but if I ever do get the time to be able to play servers I will message you What platform do you use?
  8. have you got any mutations? I want to get a good mutated ptera soon.
  9. The graphics aren't too bad... okay, they are bad but half the time its textures not loading in, you just need to wait a bit.
  10. it's not that Its just I have one good land mount so if I die I need to fly to get stuff and then I get eaten by thyla
  11. That's Rough The reason why dinos are extinct is that the pegos stole them all. If you see one do the ARK world a service and kill that monster.
  12. Pegos You hate them and then all of a sudden you love it ... Because its dead
  13. Planning on taming first Rex I have the resources to perfect tame a max level. Do you have any suggestions on how to trap/find a good level without it being in danger? P.S I don't feel comfortable going into the redwoods yet. Its not a problem for me to kill rexes I have a very good ascendant PA shotgun
  14. my favorite creature in ARK is every pego that has died
  15. After a day's work of grinding sometimes you need to have a little fun. Today I made a pit with metal walls and spikes at the bottom to sacrifice demons (pegos) I love to watch them slowly die after one took my ascendant longneck and then got devoured by a rex so it was gone forever.
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