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  1. It said it will receive full content which should include DLCS
  2. getting a mutated argy. Just need the main color region and I am done with my mega pidgeon
  3. The graphics aren't too bad... okay, they are bad but half the time its textures not loading in, you just need to wait a bit.
  4. Are the DLC's on the switch because I can't even find ARK on the e shop PLEASE tell me that wildcard didn't lie to us AGAIN.
  5. was making ascendant shotgun in fabricator then someone in my tribe took the gas out while crafting and lost all the resources so fun right?
  6. someone left the door open on a metal base walked in to find ascendant riot armor, Mastercraft fabricated sniper and 500 bullets. The moral of the story is to not leave your door open or someone like me will come and take it.
  7. walked into a random narco trap woke up to a pack of allos that started to chase me had to jump off a cliff fell broke bones and started a very very long trek across the map to my base luckily I tamed a raptor on they way made a found a saddle from an already raided base and ran all the way back home like the last little piggy
  8. I want to tame a thyla and I'm wondering if there's anything I should consider bringing besides a couple rexes for protection and dino gates to protect the thyla because I tried it and carnos started falling off the cliff and ate the thyla.
  9. tamed replacement ptera and accidentally fed myself 10 narcotics instead of the ptera and because of this fell asleep for what felt like years.
  10. Rag and the center are both official maps and I think just flying around on a max speed ptera to find them quickly then go and tame them
  11. This would never be added but it would be cool if there was a tek platform saddle or just tek quetz saddle
  12. yeah, they are super rare tek quetzal I feel like might be the rarest creature to come across except for the creatures that can only have 1 of in a map like the liopluredon and the unicorn. Because quetzals are already super rare on their own and a good level tek quetzal is like a jackpot
  13. what do you think about the new tek quetzal I'm so happy about it!!
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