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  1. I think they choose them randomly from art they like around the net. I did post my art never on the forums here or the Ark discord, only on my galleries and tumblr and they must have found it on my devianart =).
  2. There were all clones but befor Helena became a home deus it was not able to resurect. So there is only one clone and when this clone died, the person was dead forever. Helena slowly invented the option people could return but as I understood, eas not able for all her former friends and tribe mates besides Diana (which was some lucky accident, she could not repeat at that time). I also don't understand, why they did not make VD in a totally new character from the Federation or a survivor that was on the Gen ship (with an new and unique back story).
  3. I am not to dissappointed cause I actually expected the delay. As long as it makes the experience better and they are able to iron out the DLC I am fine with that. Really unexpected was to see my art here, so thx a lot for anknowllegeing it WC
  4. This does not automatically mean the game will be better and less buggy. Newer engines bring different problems. Sadly a lot of newer installments of games are even more buggy than the previous ones and there are a lot of examples.
  5. It was never about getting any information out of him (not from my side) only to ask and talk if he really is a player, how he enjoys it, what his most loved dino is, etc. Like you talk with any other normal Ark player. That would be a cool thing actually but I think that will never happen (which in some way is understandable cause it could cause a hype that could get annoying for him).
  6. I would ask him, if he would talk to us. Why not ? It actually would be a nice move to talk to the community but I as well doubt he ever will "hop" into discord or any medium to chat/write with us. I would be really suprised if that will ever happen
  7. But that would somehow contradict with the explorer notes were it is strongly hinted that reviving Diana at that time was a lucky thing and the sadness of Helena also shows, she was not able with Santiago when Diana feels sad as well cause he could not be brought back like her. I hope there will be some more original explanation cause simply "He was brought back like Diana.." would be a lazy and pretty boring reason.
  8. Probably there was another clone of him on the ship and never really had anything to do with the Santiago that was on Abberration and Extinction and so only has the memories of his former live in the 24th century. This might be a posibillity too and at least would be something that would make sense in one Santiago beeing dead and another one beeing on that new planet.
  9. His body was found by Diana and she burried him (She finds him dead in his Mek). She states that in one of her explorer notes in extinction. The Homo Deus Helena even feels sad for not beeing able to revive him. Hope that helps a bit.
  10. Is it really a work of passion for him or is it simple marketing ? Stating he is really into ark and that he has "thousands" of hours in the game makes him look more competent for players at first but is he really ? Does he really have that much hours or is it again only a marketing thing or is the press exegerating ? All games he worked in are games to promote himself and the "main" character is allways portrait by himself, even in the movies he made (directed). If it would have been only cause of that, there are a lot more people out there that have way more hours and experience
  11. To asume opinions do not matter why do you even post yours here ? If people are the opinion not giving a game a chance cause of a crappy trailer it will matter. We have seen a lot lately what can happen when game companies ignore their player base and try to build up hypes with popular names in their games. Also a trailer like that can kill all hype from the beginning which was the case for me an a bunch of people I know (crappy animations, spelling errors, not regarding their own lore, unfitting actor (for some of us), etc.). We actually were laughing cause it looked like a
  12. Why do I have this bad feeling that Gen 2 will get delayed again ?
  13. You might like the movie which is fine but only cause you like it not everyboday has too.
  14. Cause he will be the character I like most in the whole Ark franchise and he ruins that for me. I never was a big fan of Vin Diesel and having to deal with him ruins it for me. For me that is like playing Zelda and Link is impersoned by Arnold Schwarzenegger. I know for some people that is not an issue, for me it is. I even don't watch movies with actors I don't like and seeing him in the trailer that looked for me like a 80th trash movie was like a punch in the face (animatiosn were bad, expressions looked wooden, etc.). Also I in general don't like to see faces of popular actors in V
  15. As I did understand it the game will have a single player story driven campain, sadly with Vin Diesel as main protagonist, which will make me ditch it and a multiplayer sandbox part. I might be wrong here but that is how I interpret the trailer and some things written.
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