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  1. I love all the Tek stuff, especially the Fed. Tek Armor. It looks really neat. Love how Rockwell mutated into the main antagonist. Really wished for it, especially after the Extinction ending. Also I miss Santiago. Like his character a lot.
  2. I don't understand all the fuss about the Tek-Para. Yes it is a beginner dino, yes it is not a super strong killing maschine but it is one of the dinos that was ingame from the beginning. I think it looks pretty cool and it gives new players a chance on a Tek-Dino from the start. Also how much Gigias there are on a map like the Island ? 2 ? Same with Quetz. Only the Mosa is more "common" but hard to tame for beginners. Sothe chances on getting a Tek-Giga ore Para are pretty low. I think the Para and how I guess the Trike are obvious choices and I am fine with that and people should not f
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