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  1. Just a shame that no one at WC have a dam clue what there doing as event is near completely unplayable on xbox thanks to the constant 255 ping and the lag that continues to dc,freeze or completely home screens you.so thankyou WC for yet again screwing up yet another event through your incompetence
  2. X2 xp is completely useless to over 99% of players as we have already hit max levels, wc are complete morons and need to pull there head out of there own arses. And when doing events give us start/finish TIMES along with start/finish dates.and gmp's need to start actually doing something about tickets put in.as I've put a few tickets in about dupers and players griefing and nothing gets done,only to revive email saying"issues been resolved"when in thruth absolutely f all has been done about it.and as for gm Phoenix...dont even get me going on how utterly useless they are
  3. Shame I'm still un able to play on my home server where I'm a solo player and was kicked from my own tribe on xbox rag 914.and your devs are not willing to help.
  4. Extending event is just a god dam joke seeing people have lost a ton of stuff through your incompetence
  5. Code of conduct.......well why was it when my tribe put in a ticket for being blocked from building in are own base was NOTHING DONE about it....GM daze said he would look into it but NOTHING was done.and you closed the ticket.think you need to learn what your own code of conduct is.
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