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  1. what the raptor I wrote in another post and they send me here and now you tell me other things. berry game poop
  2. aea fuk server fallen server and lost titans and items Yesterday, due to a server crash, I lost 2 Titans Gigas Wyven because of your mistake. and I doubt they would return the crop spent on tamear titans. We were doing orbital drop purpple and it was not rollback.
  3. how much more time does it have to spend for the managar bug to be fixed?. It has been 1 year without you fixing the mistake of the managar that kills you when you fly and you lose all your inventory. I am losing about 50 managars and 20 gigabytes in cryopod and many ascending things. But when you sell a bug that does not suit you if you patch it as the bug of duplicate item or dino. for example there is an error in pve to kill dinos of other sea tribes offline or online.
  4. This problem has not yet been resolved and continues with that error today November 2019
  5. This error has not been fixed for 1 year. They wait to get to work. Many people complain about this. but when an article or dino duplication error comes out they immediately update and patch it.
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