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  1. Yeah I second this, it's been pretty bad since the update
  2. Kingfisher and king vulture.... But you're right, most predatory birds are nuetral in color.
  3. Okay .... I made an account just now so I could comment on this. Ark is my Favorite game, honestly of all time. Yeah, it's messy and it doesn't always work right, but it's Dinosaurs, and Adventure, and Teamwork, and Survival, and so much more. Point is, for all of it's flaws, I love it ...... BUT ...... I'm not on board with this tek dino thing. Don't get me wrong, I love that we have a chance to find them in the wild, and I'm not complaining about the ones already released, Rex, stego, raptor, para .... They're not what I wanted, but finding them in the wild sure is cool..... Here's my issue though .... I ALREADY HAVE ALL OF THESE!! as someone who has invested alot of time and energy into this game, ive bought pretty much everything you can buy for Ark. So I already have all of the Bionic Skins ... I love finding them in the wild ... But I want at least one new tek dino .... Please .... I get that it's cheaper and easier to use the ones that already exists .... But I don't think it's too much to ask for at least one new dino ... Anything, hell I'd even be happy with a Carbonemys or something .... Literally anything that I don't already have .... I paid for these skins to support the Game, and turns out that everybody else is getting them for freeeeeeee.
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