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  1. Server crash a lot since last patch I play in Extinction 467 pve it's almost impossible to do a element node and farm it becouse the server crashes and get you out it's so annoying, pls fix that PVE server are to enjoy the game
  2. Aberration fps Issue My pc: rtx 2080 super i7 9700k 16gb ram. Y play the game in epic and it works perfect in all the maps but in aberration i get 30-40-50 fps but the strange thing is that the fps are the same in all settings i test it and i get the same at epic and low anybody knows how to fix it? Here is my userbenchmark: https://www.userbenchmark.com/UserRun/28772519 can it be a problem of the ram or the disc where ark is installed?
  3. That would be so nice love that time when we were having new dinos every month that with TLC could be awesome
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