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  1. Leosh


    i'm going to buy a rtx 2080 that's the only real way of improve performance in this game
  2. That would be so nice love that time when we were having new dinos every month that with TLC could be awesome
  3. Leosh


    don't go in that direction i'm not trying to improve my performance i'm trying to know if anybody knows something about if there are plans of improve the game in that way
  4. Leosh


    The majority of the people leave ark becouse of the bug glitches and bad perfomance i'm one of those and now i'm in process of buying a 2080 ti to play this crap game i have been playing this since the very alpha all the people i met playing this game absolutely ALL leave becouse of the optimization they loved this game but in some cases in unplayable
  5. Leosh


    Why? This game would be the best one if optimized wild card pls focus on optimizate this game, i'm talking about performance don't know why at the day of today this game is not well optimized does anybody know something about this?
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